5 Best Practices to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for keeping your website on top of search engine results! Websites can increase site traffic, multiply conversion rates, and turn every visit into a sale through basic practices.

However, it’s crucial to follow simple adjustments and revisions so a website can remain updated and follow the best rules of the current SEO algorithm, therefore being a great SEO-friendly site!

5 Best Practices to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Take a look at our 5 most basic practices that everyone should be applying to their website:

  1. Include Multimedia

Adding a video to a website is a more advanced tactic to keep you SEO-friendly, but it’s proven effective! According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, companies that use videos on their websites experience up to 80% more leads than those that don’t. Videos are the most effective for tutorials, demonstrations, and product demos. They can also increase site traffic by offering a sneak peek of future products (because who doesn’t love a sneak peek?!) or newsletter signup videos.


  1. Use Keywords in the Title

The title of every website page plays a crucial role in search engine results. The first impression that a potential client gets is determining whether they want to proceed to the page, so having key phrases in the title will boost the chances of users finding a page, and it won’t cost the business anything to do! We would recommend using your primary keyword or keyword phrase in the page’s title, but don’t use the exact keyword phrase in both the title and description.


  1. Use Keywords in the Content

Using keywords throughout the text on a page is an SEO practice that has been used for years! It’s more effective when the content is fresh and valuable and strategically placed keywords. It’s good to use the long-tail method when using keywords within the content. What’s the long-tail method we hear you cry? The long-tail process is a technique where a business makes a few sentences for every keyword, using about three or four words per keyword. It’s proven to be the most effective way to optimise content and rank higher in search engine results. But be careful! Don’t go throwing your keyword in anywhere, let it be natural and relevant to the content you’re producing.


  1. Keep URLs Short

The shorter the URL, the more it’s indexable. The faster the URL, the higher the ranking – pretty simple right? Businesses can achieve this by using clean, keyword-driven URLs instead of subdomains and directories. It’s essential to strive for keyword-driven URLs as long as they’re easy to remember and visually appealing. It’s also necessary to avoid making the URL longer by using unnecessary parameters on top of it.


  1. Build the Links

Businesses can increase their SEO rankings by building links from other websites. It’s highly recommended to take proper SEO precautions to avoid Google penalties! There are two types of links that should be built to help with SEO – inbound links and outbound links. Building inbound links improves the chances of interlinking within a website. Also, it’s essential to create outbound links to connect to other websites that may have high traffic, good rankings, and referral traffic.

Businesses can use search engine optimisation to reach more customers and increase profits. However, it’s important to note that SEO is a never-ending practice where every website aspect needs to be considered.

A website is a business’s virtual brochure & showcase, and the truest representation of the brand. Having one professionally built is critical for companies. It’s essential for companies to do their part in keeping the website up to date with the best practices of SEO to guarantee its success. We are a digital marketing agency that aims for websites to reach more people with the basics of SEO. We also handle eCommerce services to help businesses expand their websites into sales platforms. Check out what we can do for your company and give us a call today!

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