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5 Top Tips to a Hard Hitting Brand


Your branding strategy is the public facing extension of your business – the shop front of your online business marketplace. Branding is more than just your logo, it encompasses the breadth of content which your customers engage with. Like most parts of your digital strategy, your brand is built on great design that is stimulating and recognisable. Your brand isn’t something you can always come up with in an afternoon, it requires real thought and proper planning.

At Zest Digital, we have real experience in creating powerful brands for our clients throughout the North East – check out our 5 top tips to ensure yours really packs a punch…


1 – Powerful Brands Start From Within

The brand you chose is an extension of the values and ethics from your business, it’s time to show your market who you are and what you stand for.

Your brand provides the authenticity for the issues your company stands for. Within your brand content, find ways to reflect the things your company truly cares about. If you are an environmentally conscious business, show this through your imagery, color schemes and tagline.

A brand which doesn’t reflect your business and the people within it, is doomed to fail from the start. Set your customer’s expectations from the off, by creating a brand your business can get behind.


2 – People Pleasers Always Come Unstuck

With your brand being an extension of your business, don’t worry about trying to please everyone. There is no one brand that will cater to every palate. Always know your target audience and say it how it is – after all, that’s what us Yorkshire folk are known for!

A brand which tries to cover all bases is only going to lead to disaster – not only will it unpick at the seams but it will lose its authenticity, leaving your customers feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

If you are happy that your brand reflects your business’ professional values, customers will gravitate towards it for it’s unique and honest message.


3 – An Emotional Connection is Essential

For maximum engagement, your brand should talk directly to your customer, forming an emotional connection throughout all business interactions.

Powerful brands have a knack of investing the customer emotionally. For example, John Lewis create an annual christmas advert which inspires awe, compassion and happiness from their customer base. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the art of doing business is an emotional transaction as much as a financial one.

A strong brand builds trust and loyalty from a potential buyer, speak to and then satisfy their emotional needs to gain a customer for life.


4 – Bring Value – It’s Not Always About The Sale

A business brand is the outward sales pitch of your business, it tells the customer they will receive the value they need to solve the issue they currently have.

Your brand can bring value to the customer without having to actually do business. Offering advice, guidance or consultation for your area of expertise within your brand helps to build the trust and confidence of your customers.

Whether it’s within your business tagline, day to day communications or online content, your brand message doesn’t have to be ‘sell, sell, sell.’ Offer a helping hand to your customers to show the value your company can bring at every turn.


5 – Maintain a Consistent Message

Once the company values have been determined, the branding has been designed and the message has been written – it’s time to put all of this work into action!

The branding must remain consistent in every business to customer communication. A consistency shows the strength and reliability the customer expects when spending their hard earned cash. Think of some of the country’s biggest brands? Yorkshire farming is often associated with high quality whilst the golden arches of McDonalds are recognisable from even the slightest glimpse.

Everything that you do will now have a positive or negative effect on your brand and it’s reputation, make sure you toe the line with a consistent approach from day one.

Having a great brand does take a fair amount of thought, consideration and plain hard work. Don’t try and be like those around you – create a brand which is true to the beliefs of your business and highlight what makes you different.

Build an emotional connection through unique design and content which brings value to the customer before they chose to part with their cash. Once you have nailed the perfect brand for your business – stick to it! Consistency is key to promoting quality and trust between you and your customer.

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