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Did You Know

Boring brands don’t convert website visitors to customers. In fact, visitors will likely forget an uninteresting brand the moment they click away from the site.

To stand out in a busy digital marketplace, you have to create an exceptional brand identity - a company personality that clicks with your ideal customers and sticks in their minds. Your brand strategy should be cohesive, influencing every detail of your online presence and your brick-and-mortar shop from social media posts to employee uniforms.

When customers connect with your genuine-yet-polished brand identity, they associate your company with your carefully-selected positive attributes. They develop a feeling about your brand, and customers who buy on feeling buy more, and more often.

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There’s something special about you - let everyone know.

There may be products similar to yours, but there’s something special about your company, and we’re here to help you find it.

When you work with us to develop a brand strategy, we’ll pinpoint what makes you uniquely valuable in the marketplace and develop a logo, font & colour scheme, and tagline that communicate it. We’ll help you create your brand story, based on your brand’s unique purpose, and we’ll position your brand in a market niche that sets you apart from the pack.

Your company history, your values, your dedication to quality - we’ll create a brand that reflects your storied company past and your bright future. And then, we’ll tell the story that will let your brand shine.

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Your voice, your story - our expertise helps you tell it

At Digital Zest, we know that every company - from local Scarborough shops to international eCommerce businesses - has a story to tell.

We’ll help you tell it by developing a unique logo, colour and font palette, and graphic elements that immediately speak to your customers. But we won’t stop there.

The most effective branding strategies build a cohesive look and feel that’s carried through from website to digital marketing to physical shop. It’s palpable in every customer-brand interaction. It’s reflective of your company values and mission.

When you work with Digital Zest, we’ll get to the heart of your unique brand, and then we’ll share your special, genuine, uniquely-captivating brand with the world.

Everything you need to start building that brand

Let’s work together to build and communicate your company’s unique brand. When you partner with us, you get:

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    Logo design

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    Brand identity/rebranding

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    Brand assets and collateral

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    Branded social media templates & graphics

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    Brand guidelines

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Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to build a brand?

Creating a powerful brand is a bit like building a garden: it’s never really finished, because it requires constant maintenance and engagement to be sustained. But you can expect your customers to start to identify your brand quicker if the brand you develop resonates with them more. So, the more homework you do at the beginning of your branding work - such as customer profiling and research, and analytics deep dives - the sooner you can expect to see results, because the brand you create will be more aligned with your ideal customer.

Do I really need a logo?

A brand can be built without a graphic logo, but a logo is a simple, effective way to create a unique brand identifier. In a crowded marketplace, it can make your company instantly recognizable to the consumer. When you’re caught for space or stuck for words, your graphic logo can represent everything you’d like to say about your brand in one quick image. That is, of course, if you’ve laid the foundations of communicating your brand story and voice to your customers.

So if I have a logo, I have a brand?

Slow down there, cowboy. A logo is a useful, effective component of a brand, but it is not the sole component. A logo is an image that represents your brand. So your logo is only as effective as your long-standing, cohesive, continuously implemented and refined brand strategy.

Let’s get to work building a striking brand that clicks with customers.