48% increase in Website Users sinceJune 2019

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This complex project included creating a new website for Scarborough and Ryedale CCG and was successfully completed in July 2019.

A ‘best-in-class’ website was needed with an excellent search facility and faultless brand compliancy suiting a range of complex end-user requirements.

The impressive statistics reveals the success of this project.

Increase Arrow 48% Increase in Users Comparing Six months figures

Increase Arrow 75% Increase in Organic Search Comparing Six Month figures

Increase Arrow 42% Increase in New Visitors Comparing Six Month figures

“Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group had a new website created, a complex multi-layered project, serving the needs of multiple end-users in a fast-moving environment.”

Tim Readman, spokesperson for Scarborough and Ryedale CCG -

- The Objectives

Scarborough and Ryedale CCG covers a large area with a varied geographical terrain and wide age range.

The CCG required a new website that would cover a broad scope of subjects in multiple languages and that would offer an efficient user interface.

Additional ‘pain points’ included meeting NHS legal requirements and branding; incorporating a vast amount of content; and enabling the website to meet new NHSE Accessible Information standards.

The old website had a vast number of pages, downloadable PDFs and a little used intranet.

The new website also had to be responsive on all screen sizes.

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- Our Strategy

The large number of pages had to be reduced by at least 50%, from 750 pages to 300 pages and had to searchable web pages rather than PDF downloads.

Digital Zest created a bespoke, tailored search function on the new website, enabled in part by the changes to the web pages and how they were presented.  This included an innovative use of header content coupled with the new site’s improved information architecture, or IA, supporting an excellent, in-built search tool.

Successful adherence to and incorporation of compliant content from the main NHS portal dovetailing with software was required to increase the speed of acquisition of required data by the end user through a clear search option and use of innovative icons for the previously agreed thematic areas of the CCG.

An inbuilt link checker reduced the number of broken links creating a much smoother UX along with important information being presented ‘above the fold’.

The creation of a ‘single use’ site with an authentication process installed for any sensitive or private material and resources was also a key factor in this challenging project.

End-users’ geographical positioning within the CCG was also problematic.

A relatively simple yet effective use of images of key landmarks and features of geographical features of Scarborough and Ryedale.

The interface seen by end users was a key element to the success of this website.

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- The Results

The finished website is completely and easily scalable for other CCGs and has yielded stunning results.

With such impressive statistics and a superb end product, this project is a flagship one that shows the ability of delivering such a complex multi-layered project.

Such a project takes up resources and expertise and once undertaken, time and effort is dedicated completely towards successful delivery.


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- Target Audience

The website had to meet the needs of a range of end users, including Primary Health Care staff (GPs, Practice Nurses, Care Sector employees); patients and those currently on a health pathway of treatment, or those embarking upon a pathway within their own CCG.

- Branding

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups have super branding that is instantly recognisable amongst users.

The definition, colours and positioning were key factors in the success of this project.

From the very beginning, the Digital Zest team had an open and concise two-way dialogue with regards to this important element of the new website.

This included correct use of fonts, logos and colour palette.

The collaborative nature of this project between client and designers was a key aspect of the success of this project.

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