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Web Design

Scarborough & Ryedale NHS CCG

Scarborough & Ryedale NHS CCG The Scarborough & Ryedale NHS Clinic Commissioning Group required a brand new website that was easy to navigate to absolute everyone. The website hold around 300+ pages, covering a broad spectrum of anything you could need from this local NHS CCG. This required everyone to work together to work out…

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3 massive benefits of using interactive content.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, with brands vying for attention left, right and centre, it’s widely accepted that the attention of potential customers is a new kind of currency – and it’s harder to grab than ever. The average user has an attention span of approximately 7 seconds, which isn’t a long time to make…

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5 fundamental principles of good web design.

Web design has become an increasingly important area for every business to consider in recent years – the saying goes that ‘if you’re not online, your business doesn’t exist’. Conventional wisdom (and the growth of various ‘website builders’ like Squarespace or Wix) mean that, while it’s easier than ever to have a great looking website,…

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3 common mistakes we navigation mistakes – and how to avoid them.

How your website functions are of vital importance to your business: it’s a portal for the entire online world (current population: 4.7 billion people) to see what you are all about. First things first: the ways users actually navigate around your site is critical to their experience. It’s inextricably linked with everything else important: your…

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4 critical reasons to invest in your UX design.

The field of user experience (UX) design has been rapidly growing in importance in recent years, creating thousands of new jobs and effectively entirely new industries (digital transformation). But what exactly does it mean for you and your business? Optimising UX is all about focussing on each individual’s personal journey, their experience, how they engage…

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