Your Content Creation Schedule Will Be Sorted By The End Of This Article
Content is everything!

Without content, your website or e-commerce platform will fail to get the hits you want it to.
If no one finds you then your order reduces and dwindles.
The key to pleasing both your existing and potential audience AND to scale those search rankings is by creating unique content on a regular basis.
A content strategy is essential to making the most of this powerful method of gaining traction on search engines, gaining more customers and increasing your profits. And once created, content works while YOU sleep or take time off.

This Blog Will:

  1. Outline the key elements of content creation
  2. Show you how to find time to fit in content creation
  3. Give you three templates to get you started

I Don’t Understand What Content Creation Involves

Content creation is a tried and tested method of you get more customers.
Content creation itself includes webpage content, blogs, articles, cornerstone content, testimonials, case studies, videos, podcasts, downloads and more.
All this sounds overwhelming right?
Here at Digital Zest, we can help not only with your creation strategy we can write and create the content for you!
We have tried and tested methods that create a cohesive content plan which is completely in line with your business ethos and customer audience.
We also ‘stick to the plan’ we put together, ensuring there is a meaningful timetable that underpins all your content creation.

But No-One Reads Content

Who said anything about reading?
Yes of course reading at some point is involved.
The key is to work out which content works best for you in terms of reaching the right customers.
For some businesses, it will be a blog about a particular subject that is well-written, relevant, is search engine optimised and ticks some Google boxes too.
For other businesses, the content could be in video format.
And podcasts work really well for other businesses.
Here at Digital Zest, we can work out which is best for your business and help you create that content that will get results.

There Simply Isn’t The Time

So, it’s not about the lack of time, it is more about rethinking priorities.
By thinking you don’t have time or that no one bothers giving any attention to your content, then you’re doomed to fail.
And there’s no way you can cheat either. Google – and other writers – will know if you lift content from elsewhere. This is a lazy tactic and should be avoided. The trick is to find which type of content works for your business.

And then you can also repurpose your content.
For example, a video needs a script. Once filmed this script could then be turned into an article. And then the article could be turned into a podcast.
However, the technical requirements for good content are many, from the quality of the video to the effectiveness of the script.
This know-how is guaranteed at Digital Zest.

Content Creation You Can Do This Week

Let’s start with a case study that you are proud of.
If you have one already written and visible on your website, refresh the content. Have you worked with a company again since writing the case study? Can it be updated?

If you haven’t written it already, then get in touch with the company concerned and check with them if they’re okay with your writing about them.
Once you’ve written and it’s been approved:

  1. Upload it to your website
  2. Share it on your socials and on your LinkedIn account
  3. Turn it into a media release and send it to content-hungry websites in your geographical region

Point one: means that you’ve updated your website with new content or refreshed content.
Point two: this type of content is great exposure for you and your client. Win-win!
Point three: ensure you know how to put a media release together from the legal perspective and send it out to online news websites.

All these elements you can do yourself, or it can be handled by the Digital Zest team.

If I Don’t Do This, What Happens?

You can bet your bottom dollar that your competition will be doing some of the above.
There might be that one competitor who pips you to the post more times than you’d like. This could be because they have a content creation strategy in place which is working well for them.
We have yet to hear of a company that doesn’t reap the rewards of great content.
Fresh unique content will always be beneficial.
Content for use on your social media platforms is always welcome.
There really is nothing to lose!

For Those Who Have Discovered That Content Is King …

There will be those who have the content strategy completely in the bag … or do you?
For those that are happy with the content creation, then there are always other elements to throw into the mix. Cornerstone content; downloadable PDFs; new photos … there are no limits with content creation. And unless you break the rules, it will never be a detriment to your business.

Now You’re Ready To Go!

We’ve outlined the importance of having a content creation strategy for your business.

We’re not going to lie to you; it does take skill, time and patience.
You will have sufficient information to get started, yet this is only the beginning.

Why not book a call so we can see how we can help support you?
Our team is highly skilled and can save you time, efforts and get you the results.

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