Content includes articles, blogs, video, photos, web page content, podcasts, downloadable pdfs and products.

Add products and tagging them or checking your stock quantities are probably the main reasons you update your website.

Simply doing the minimum with your website content is not enough and it never will be.

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Varied, relevant and unique content is something Google ‘looks’ for. You must prioritise new, unique, well-written and relevant content on a very regular basis.

  • This content can also be presented in different formats: vlogs, blogs, podcasts …
  • Without it, Google can’t find you as easily. It’s a simple as that
  • AVOID lifting content from other sites or plagiarising material … it is such a no-no from Google and also from a legal perspective, too
  • Digital Zest can devise, create and implement your content strategy and this service has never been more important

An effective content strategy takes time, effort, skill and planning.

Plan ahead for this and do this once a month.

The rest of your site requires Search Engine Optimised content with the most effective keywords and avoiding the pitfalls of keyword stuffing. Don’t forget snippets, meta tags, headlines and more.

Other examples include case studies, recommendations, information about your team, about us … however it has to be written in a certain way to be effective.

You can also repurpose content … and we can help with this, too.

Here at Digital Zest, we have a dedicated copywriter that can help with this. Give a subject and we can create super content about it!

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See how a content strategy can help your business

Connect with our team and let’s see if we can make something incredible together


Digital Zest implements blogging, content writing, landing pages, email marketing, Social Media curation, PPC, videos, podcasts and PR.

  • Ask yourself, does my e-commerce system really ‘make the grade’?
  • Does it anticipate my customers’ intentions?
  • Does is answer their queries?
  • Do I have a successful subscription system?
  • Do I have lots of abandoned baskets?

Now people are browsing, shopping and paying online more than any other time in our digital era.

The chances are you can improve your e-commerce system, so it transforms your business and ensures it is ready for the future

There is no escaping the importance of content in our digital world. Digital Zest can worry about it, so you don’t have to. 

The benefits of having great content far exceed and outweigh the time and effort required to create it.

A key skill to future proof your business is content creation. We already have this ‘in the bag’ and the only way is up for those who do a great job with creating content.

Louise Tiler Testimonial
“Three months into the new site, our visitors viewed 69% more pages and stayed on site for 80% longer”
Louise Tiler -
Perkins & Morley Testimonial
“Digital Zest are fantastic to work with; clear, concise and really helpful. They also know their stuff which makes it easy to hand over the work to them and know that your website is in a safe pair of hands (or two).The make designing and setting up a web presence a pleasure and the results look great too.”
Jan Morley - Perkins & Morley
Newby Fun Factory Testimonial
“Digital Zest's work was of such a high standard; they were victims of their own success! A great 'problem' to have, of course!”
Newby Fun Factory -
Scarborough Sixth Form College Testimonial
“20% Increase in Pages Per Session Comparing Five Month Figures - Scarborough Sixth Form College, or S6F, reported this increase following the launch of their new website with the figures being reported in give month period from 2019 to 2020.”
Scarborough Sixth Form College -
Yorkshire Blinds
“In the last 3 weeks alone, our website has lead to 3x the initial cost of the project, which is amazing”
Shane -
Digital Zest
“Web development isn’t about a web site or e-commerce site being all bells and whistles. Digital Zest’s ethos is that we need to know the touchpoints of the business and not to get tempted down unnecessary rabbit holes. Less is more.”
Paul Taylor, Digital Zest’s Co-Founder
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Content creation is essential and will help your business to succeed.

We can help you with your content strategy.

Get in touch with Digital Zest and take the next step to continued success.

However, your competitors are aware of this too. They will be reading this and will get in touch. Be first … and get head of the competition today.