Debunked: 5 Email Marketing Myths You Might Have Believed

Because there are so many myths surrounding email marketing, they sound like they must be true. They are not. This article explains how myths are wrong. Maybe you aren’t getting the results you want because you have believed a myth.

Here are five email marketing myths you might have believed and definitely avoid from now on: 

Myth #1: Millennials Don’t Sign Up for Email Marketing

Millennials do have email addresses, and they do use them. Some of them even use email as their preferred method of communication. You don’t hear about it as much as about Gen Xers and Baby Boomers because Millennials communicate differently from previous generations. They communicate through social media and text messages. 

If you are trying to reach this group of people, your email marketing campaigns will be effective if they are part of your social media campaign. Marketers that focus their marketing on this group need an integrated marketing campaign that includes email and social media.

Myth #2: Email Marketing Is Dead

Email marketing is not dead. Email is alive and well, and it is doing better than ever. Email marketing is a great marketing source for engagement, mostly because it requires consumers to take action. It requires them to open the email and click to visit the website, which is great for engagement. 

It is also one of the few forms of communication that cause consumers to open and read the email. Email marketing is also still an excellent method for collecting leads. Businesses are still using email marketing to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and increase sales through sales, promotions, and content.

Debunked: 5 Email Marketing Myths You Might Have Believed

Myth #3: Email Marketing Takes a Lot of Time to Set Up

It can take a long time to set up a brand new email marketing campaign. However, once you have your system in place, you will be able to save a lot of time on the follow-up campaign. You can save time by building templates, scheduling emails, and creating segments to send out emails to people you already have relationships. You can also automate sending things out and segmentation so you aren’t stuck sending emails to everyone.

Myth #4: Spam Words Make the Emails End Up in Spam

Spam words are words that indicate a certain kind of message, such as free, offer, or discount. Email marketing services will tell you that you will be accused of spamming if you use spam words in your newsletter. However, spam words are not spam words anymore if you provide value to the customer. 

So, if you are marketing a discount for a product, it is not spam. You just have to make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you add lots of spam words to your emails, you will get complaints, but if you are using the word free or discount to promote something, it will not fall under the spam category.

Myth #5: All Email Subject Lines Should Be Short

There are no rules about email subject lines. You should not limit yourself to having a short subject line. It is a good idea to have a snappy subject line, but you also want to have a subject line that speaks to your audience. The shorter the subject line, the better chance you can stand out in the crowd, but you need to make sure that you are giving your subject line value.

Email marketing is not dead. It is as alive as it has ever been. Six in ten consumers prefer to receive emails from brands that they are already customers of. It is also a great way to reach your audience because you already have relationships with them. The key is to segment your email list and resend your campaigns to your contact list.

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