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We have all heard of Digital Marketing for your business. This usually includes Pay Per Click, or PPC for short, normally in the form of Google AdWords. Facebook advertising can also be an important element of your Digital Marketing. However, does your Sleights business make the most of such powerful concepts? And can they all work successfully with other elements of your digital presence.

digital marketing Sleights

digital marketing agency Sleights

What can Digital Marketing do for your business?

We can sort your SEO, PPC, Facebook Advertising and content strategy. We can ensure these important elements work together successfully, while you focus on your business.

  • SEO influences organic search listings
  • PPC is typically a Google Ad (at the top of search engine results) a sponsored listing a business has paid for.
  • The problem for most businesses is doing all this effectively to yield a good ROI

Facebook Advertising and Google Ads are an effective way of reaching target audiences in a dynamic way, and all of the above rely upon an excellent content strategy, including posts, written content, keywords, blogs, CTAs and articles.

There are a number of different areas of Online Marketing, each has its own benefits, the question should always be which works best for your website or e-commerce presence.

Digital Marketing includes a number of different threads, including social media, Pay Per Click (usually Google Adwords), Facebook advertising and email marketing.

All these elements require patience, skill and time.
Done well they will generate rewards.
Done badly and its money down the drain.

Digital Zest can work with you on your digital marketing, directing relevant traffic to your website or e-commerce platform so your order books become even more healthy.

digital agency Sleights

See how a content strategy can help your business

Connect with our team and let’s see if we can make something incredible together

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The world of Digital Marketing involves extensive training and experience, the world of Digital Marketing is also constantly evolving.


Once the basics of the campaign have been sorted, there is a whole raft of additional steps that our team will undertake to get the best out of the time, money and effort expended.

Our extensive knowledge includes setting up effective marketing campaigns using their dedicated time to create content that is both effective, useful and achieves the goal that has been set.

The team at Digital Zest have experience of assisting companies with 6, 7 and 8-figure turnovers and some with a global presence.

Our Digital Marketing Clients

Digital Zest’s client list is impressive.

While they hail from a wide range of industries, our e-commerce credibility and know-how is hard to beat. 

With our experts supporting your Sleights business and helping it to move the next level, we promise you will see the start of better results within three months.

Our tried and tested formulas will work for you and enable your business to grow, yet still allowing you to have personal time.

online marketing Sleights

Louise Tiler Testimonial
“Three months into the new site, our visitors viewed 69% more pages and stayed on site for 80% longer”
Louise Tiler -
Perkins & Morley Testimonial
“Digital Zest are fantastic to work with; clear, concise and really helpful. They also know their stuff which makes it easy to hand over the work to them and know that your website is in a safe pair of hands (or two).The make designing and setting up a web presence a pleasure and the results look great too.”
Jan Morley - Perkins & Morley
Newby Fun Factory Testimonial
“Digital Zest's work was of such a high standard; they were victims of their own success! A great 'problem' to have, of course!”
Newby Fun Factory -
Scarborough Sixth Form College Testimonial
“20% Increase in Pages Per Session Comparing Five Month Figures - Scarborough Sixth Form College, or S6F, reported this increase following the launch of their new website with the figures being reported in give month period from 2019 to 2020.”
Scarborough Sixth Form College -
Yorkshire Blinds
“In the last 3 weeks alone, our website has lead to 3x the initial cost of the project, which is amazing”
Shane -
Digital Zest
“Web development isn’t about a web site or e-commerce site being all bells and whistles. Digital Zest’s ethos is that we need to know the touchpoints of the business and not to get tempted down unnecessary rabbit holes. Less is more.”
Paul Taylor, Digital Zest’s Co-Founder
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Online Marketing has transformed the way we shop, and this trend is set to continue.

Are you ready for this?

Digital Zest can deliver all these elements that will help your business succeed.

Your digital presence and online marketing can be second to none. Yet this is only achieved by getting the right team to do it; a team that has a host of happy clients and can deliver all these  elements that will help your business succeed.

Get in touch with us so we can help you on your business journey and you can start today!