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Your business is a successful e-commerce concern.
Orders come in and are quickly dispatched.
Your business could do more of the same … much more.
So, what’s stopping you?

ecommerce scarborough
ecommerce website north yorkshire

As an established service or product provider,  your e-commerce system already exists. However, simply existing isn’t enough.

Ask yourself, does my e-commerce system really ‘make the grade’?

  • Does it anticipate my customers’ intentions?
  • Does this answer their queries?
  • Do I have a successful payment system?
  • Do I have lots of abandoned baskets?

Now people are browsing, shopping and paying online more than any other time in our digital era.

The chances are you can vastly improve your e-commerce system, so it transforms your business and ensures it is ready for the future…

Digital Zest is the specialist team in the field of e-commerce that takes into account all the important elements of a successful selling platform.

E-commerce is effective for a number of sectors, from education to hospitality.

Our methodology focuses on the all-important carts, both successfully checked-out carts and abandoned ones. We can streamline fees, stock control, inventories, costs, check-out process and many more features to streamline interaction and save you and your team time.

We can help you gain more customers or allow guest check out, too, for those lucrative one-off purchases.

ecommerce website scarborough

Curious what difference a new e-commerce site could do for you?

Connect with our team and let’s see if we can make something incredible together

ecommerce north yorkshire

Digital Zest can also help with ‘back end’ logistics which are tricky to implement but no less crucial to ensure the continued success of your business.

Our design team can simplify your website … no clutter, thank you! Your products need breathing space.

All the call to actions should be well placed in the mobile responsive design, user interface, being crystal clear as to their intentions and offering a gateway to increased orders.

All the hard work means very little without being effective, with predictive analytics helping you anticipate customer intentions.

All in all, you offer your customer a stunning user experience.

Digital Zest can help promote your products and streamline your business so you have more time to ‘be creative’ and ‘care for your customers.’

This includes looking at your internal pages such as your product pages; drilling down to your product descriptions, tagging and categories; looking at your product images (are they good enough?) and ensuring the user experience and user interface are fabulous.

ecommerce websites scarborough
Louise Tiler Testimonial
“Three months into the new site, our visitors viewed 69% more pages and stayed on site for 80% longer”
Louise Tiler -
Perkins & Morley Testimonial
“Digital Zest are fantastic to work with; clear, concise and really helpful. They also know their stuff which makes it easy to hand over the work to them and know that your website is in a safe pair of hands (or two).The make designing and setting up a web presence a pleasure and the results look great too.”
Jan Morley - Perkins & Morley
Newby Fun Factory Testimonial
“Digital Zest's work was of such a high standard; they were victims of their own success! A great 'problem' to have, of course!”
Newby Fun Factory -
Scarborough Sixth Form College Testimonial
“20% Increase in Pages Per Session Comparing Five Month Figures - Scarborough Sixth Form College, or S6F, reported this increase following the launch of their new website with the figures being reported in give month period from 2019 to 2020.”
Scarborough Sixth Form College -
Yorkshire Blinds
“In the last 3 weeks alone, our website has lead to 3x the initial cost of the project, which is amazing”
Shane -
Digital Zest
“Web development isn’t about a web site or e-commerce site being all bells and whistles. Digital Zest’s ethos is that we need to know the touchpoints of the business and not to get tempted down unnecessary rabbit holes. Less is more.”
Paul Taylor, Digital Zest’s Co-Founder
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Now more than ever your e-commerce platform is the key to your ongoing and increased success.

You need the experts to help you, guide you and move you onto the next level.

E-commerce is here to stay.

Now more than ever your e-commerce platform is the key to your ongoing and increased success.

You need the experts to help you, guide you and move you onto the next level.

Digital Zest.

Get in touch with Digital Zest and take the next step to continued success.