Email Marketing in 2021

Our World Has Changed, And So Has Email Marketing

Email marketing before, during, and (finger’s crossed) after the Covid-19 Pandemic had a surge of interest as Lockdowns took place across the world.

Email marketing has returned as an effective means of communicating with customers.

And while you’ll always get your naysayers, email marketing can be an effective part of your digital marketing strategy.

This article will give you some tips as to how to handle your email marketing campaign in 2021 and beyond.


How You Can Help Your Email Marketing Become Successful

This article will give you some cool insights into how you can approach your email marketing campaign.
It could be you’re just about to embark upon this exciting aspect of your digital strategy.

It could be you need to see where your email campaigns have lacked in the past and where you can introduce new energy into your email marketing.

We not only give you some handy tips including personalisation, automation and interaction, it also gets you to look at your email design too.



I’ve Tried Email Marketing Before … And It Didn’t Work

While we don’t really need to tell you this, the objective of email marketing is to create more revenue for your business.

Yet the effort it requires has to yield results.

Here we reveal some ways to approach your email marketing again if you’ve given up or if you’re needing some inspiration as to how to start one.


Email Marketing Is Old Hat

There is a saying … don’t reinvent the wheel.

So, the wheel was a great invention and transformed the way humans transported themselves and any good they had to move about.

Email is also a great invention and an unimaginable number of them are sent and read every day.

What you can do with a wheel or an email is improve upon it.

The same applies to your email marketing campaign.



You Can Have An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

The following tips means you can have an effective email marketing campaign.

These steps will take time to get right.

Don’t forget there are companies, such as Digital Zest, that can help you.



Three Ways to Improve your Email Marketing

If you need ideas as to how to improve your email marketing, here are a three to get you started:

  • Try personalisation! The obvious ways are names, birthdays, triggered emails by one of your customer’s online shopping. This is assuming you’ve got legal access to their data.
  • Try automation! This means creating drip campaigns and certain actions taken by users activates the launch of the sequence. Done correctly it also means the customer receives information they want. The trick is with this is to ensure this only happens to customers who are interested in your product or service. If this step is done correctly, then the automation will do just that.
  • Try interactive emails! For example, use of polls, surveys or similar. Don’t over egg the pudding with this.



What If I Don’t Do This?

There are many stats out there that show the negative side of email marketing. High unsubscribe rates, high rates of ‘spam’ or ‘junk’, and more

There are techniques that can avoid these happening and research has shown that if one element is done well, then the ROI can be high.



Already Doing These Things?
Well done if you are.

However, it begs the question why perhaps your email marketing isn’t quite achieving what it should.

It could be something to do with the design of your email itself.

Is it breathable, uncluttered and minimalist?

If not, maybe that’s where you’re going wrong.


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