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Your email list is a powerful digital marketing tool

We’ll help you harness your customer contact list to boost sales



Engage the customers that already love your brand


Create tailored email flows that personalise the customer experience


Continue the conversation with daily, weekly, or monthly emails

Did You Know

Ongoing communication is the key to any good relationship

If you allow your customers to forget about your company, they will! You can’t assume that customers will return to your website if you don’t remind them. Keeping your customers engaged with your brand requires planned, purposeful communication about the products and services that excite them.

Email marketing keeps you in contact with the customers who have engaged with your brand. It tells them that you care about their business and you’d like them to repeat it. Personalising those communications is even better: it makes your customers feel special and shows them that your brand is attentive to their exact needs.

Tailored communication with each individual customer may sound overwhelming, but at Digital Zest, we know how to make it simple and effective. We’ll help you say the right things to the right customers at the right time to keep them coming back for more.

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We like big carts, and we cannot lie

Your repeat customers buy and book more with your brand. They’re cheaper to attract, and they have a higher return on investment. They are essential to expanding your revenue, and if you treat them right, they’re a vocal source of word-of-mouth leads.

It makes sense to turn every customer into a loyal customer. Email marketing helps you do that by engaging with your clients about sales and events, enticing them back to your website with exclusive offers, and making them feel valued with personalised content.

So if you like big carts and renewed bookings, we’re here to help you create the email marketing strategy that will attract them.

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Email marketing that keeps your brand top-of-mind

At Digital Zest, we know that email marketing is a workhorse that outshines social media and pay per click advertising as the single most important tool in your customer-attracting arsenal.

But don’t take our word for it. Let us help you create tailored email flows that meet customers wherever they are on the purchasing journey and re-engage them, again and again. We’ll help you keep the conversation going, turning your email list into a treasure chest of loyal, engaged customers.

We’ll help you design emails that speak to each customer

Regardless of where they are on their purchasing journey. We can write and set up email marketing flows and campaigns like:

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Emails that welcome and thank your new customers

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Email flows tailored to customers’ actions and purchases

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Email campaigns about exciting sales and events

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Emails designed to upsell

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Customer loyalty rewards emails

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Abandoned cart emails

  • ServiceInnerBulletPoint

    Order confirmation emails

Frequently asked questions:

Is it time-consuming to personalise emails?

There is a time investment in thinking through the customer journey and establishing email flows that will resonate with customers, but once email flows are set up, they will be automatically triggered by a customer’s actions. So, for instance, a thank-you email will always be sent to a customer who purchases a product. Without lifting a finger, you’ve made a connection with that customer and encouraged them to stay engaged with your brand.

Will email marketing annoy my customers?

We’re not here to turn customers off your brand, so we only market to those who have shown a legitimate interest in receiving emails from you. Most customers appreciate the opportunity to learn more about sales and other events that will benefit them.

Should I buy an email list?

We never advise clients to purchase email lists. Instead, we help you grow your list organically with pop up forms on your website, tick-boxes at purchases, and other tools that allow customers to opt-in to receiving your emails. That way, you know that the emails you send are welcomed by your recipients. You’re more likely to get a host of “unsubscribes” than sales from a purchased list.

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