Curiosity is Everything – How To Grab People with Great Email Subject Lines

The email subject line is the first impression your recipient has of you and can be a marketer’s ticket to standing out in an overflowing inbox. Knowing this, it pays off for marketers to jazz up their subjects with tried-and-true tips that will boost engagement!

Many people judge emails by their subject lines; they’re one of the very first things the recipient sees. Marketers who want content opened, read and clicked should pay attention to how catchy their title is because it all starts with the title.

Start with curiosity

The email subject line is often a deciding factor in whether an email will be opened and read.

Sometimes, you want to send the message, for example, “You’ll benefit from opening this email.” Other times it’s good to maintain some mystery – especially if that piques your recipient’s natural curiosity for more information! Ensure the subject line aligns with your brand while still remaining intriguing enough so they open up their inboxes.

There’s no time like the present

If you’re looking to make a good impression on your audience, email is the most effective way of reaching out and staying in touch with customers or potential clients. An email campaign has to be carefully planned, thought out and implemented, and there’s no time like the present in terms of making a start or making improvements to your email marketing strategy.

Curiouser & Curiouser…

The curious mind loves a good story, so why not create one for your customers? Try front-loading your email subject line with an allusion to the message that follows. For instance, “Have you heard about what happened when we were on holiday?” This will make most people want to keep reading and find out more!

Be Irresistible

Offers are a great way to get people’s attention. If there is an offer of free stuff in the email subject line, many of us would open it. However take care that this doesn’t become ‘spammy’. Use this very wisely and only when you have a genuine free offer for your clients.

Get Personal

There are plenty of ways marketers can learn about their subscribers and customers – and when they do, it can pay off in the form of better engagement rates. You’ve never had so many platforms available; if someone subscribes from a certain email address or website then all other similar data is at your fingertips (and that means specific content!). Just by learning what type of job somebody has, for example, gives you an idea on how frequently he or she might check their inbox, which makes them more likely to click through links within your newsletter!

‘Could not, would not, want to wait’

In the words of Friends favourite; Phoebe Buffay!


Urgent, time-sensitive messages are a powerful way to compel your readers. However, you want to be careful to not overuse this tactic or else they’ll ignore it in favour for something more urgent that comes up later on down the line (or worse – think you’re being dishonest).

Don’t Over-Complicate It

Most of us are time poor so we ‘read’ on our inboxes very quickly.

The more clear and concise you can be, the more likely it is to reach your audience successfully.

Actions speak louder …

Don’t delay … Grab your discount … Take the next step … You get the idea! Basically you want people to click, click, click and inspiring them to do so with carefully used ‘action’ words is one way to do it.

Sneak preview

TV shows do it. Print and online publications do it. Even email marketers do it. What are we talking about? It’s the tried and tested ‘take a look’ or ‘what’s included’ teaser!

Giving your recipients a brief and tantalising overview of what’s included will encourage them to open up your email.

It could be something as simple as ‘Your free guide is here’!

Be truthful

Don’t be tempted to tell little white lies, or to exaggerate … email recipients will soon lose interest and unsubscribe.


A careful use and relevant of numbers can appeal to your customers if used in the right way. Capitals should be used sparingly, otherwise it can seem like you’re shouting or, at worse, lazy in terms of inventiveness.

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