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As this is the first post on our new website, it seemed only right, that I put a few words together for you. Those of you that know me will be aware that writing is not my preferred choice of communication, I prefer to speak with people, it feels more natural and it’s easier to express one’s emotions and ideas. I usually find more can be learned and decided from a quick 5-minute conversation that an email thread with multiple messages back and forth, which spanned several days.

Although I would love to speak to everyone who wishes to hear what I have to say, a blog or as we’re going to refer to it ‘Our Magazine’ will be much more practical. Our intentions are to slowly build a collection of posts, covering a range of topics, as you can already imagine we’ll be covering things that we have good deal of experience with such as improving your online presence, how to get more online sales and occasionally if the mood takes me or Ben, something a little different. The aim is to provide you with a resource that doesn’t just cover what we do, or how we do it, but instead offers insights that can be easily understood and applied to your business.

As our clients are in the Greeting Card industry, will also provide information specific to their needs and interests, we’re already in talks with a number of individuals who we’re hoping will contribute to this area, just between me and you… I’m whispering now, so keep this quiet, but Jessica Hogarth will be one of the key contributors, we’ll let you know more about the others as we finalise the details.

I know that businesses are forever wanting to increase their turnover and profits, it’s apparent that although people have an idea of what they should be doing, or which direction they should be heading, it’s the details that prove to be difficult, we hope over the next few weeks and months to provide you with easy steps and clear direction, so you’ll be in a better position to effectively utilise your website and online presence to move your business forward.

Finally, before we move on to our first article, I just want to say that although we’re a small team, we do care passionately about what we do. We don’t have the time or the resources to provide a free hour long, one on one session to everyone, but if you do need some assistance, guidance, simply have a couple of questions, or want a second opinion, please do reach out to us, we’ll gladly help if we can.

I hope you enjoy reading our posts.

Cheers Paul

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