Life Gets In The Way!


Now the kiddies have returned to school and there is a routine in place again, it’s time to get paperwork and accounts in order. I’m trying to clear the to-do list to make way for well over-due design time. As a small business, everything has to be managed by myself. There are so many different hats to wear each day, never enough hours in a day!
Finances are always a juggle to manage, and chasing late payers is becoming more frequent I’ve noticed. No day is the same, and sometimes you have to just stop everything when life gets in the way.



I like to re-think my trade stand for each upcoming year to reflect my newest launches. It’s really tricky to have a balance of the stand looking smart, and not overcrowding the space to maximise the expense. I find I am at fault of the latter…. generally showing as much as possible, as I find if a buyer can see it, they will add it to their order. A buyer knows what they are searching for and their eye can catch sight of a range you show at the very bottom behind a stack of catalogues. Perhaps for 2020, I can refrain from throwing the kitchen sink at my tiny 3×1 stand and try a more minimal approach. But this already doesn’t sound fruitful!


“No day is the same, and sometimes you have to just stop everything when life gets in the way.”




I tend to use this time of year as we move into Autumn, to brew up new ideas to test out at my first show of the year. If they prove successful, I then add more into the collection over the next few months. You have to be careful with always adding new into your offering, as it costs money to hold stock, and you never really know how fast they will sell through, if at all.




A snippet from an interview from LUX magazine with the luxury hotel owner and greeting card magnate Andrew Brownsword on first-class hospitality and the British sense of humour

So I started, and I don’t think entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs, I think they are created out of naivety. We start with these wonderful ambitions and dreams and then we have to find the first hurdle comes and then the second hurdle is bigger. For ten years I was probably insolvent. I owed the bank more money than I had, but I always succeeded, never went bankrupt or anything. But for a few thousand pounds I was probably insolvent for ten years until I found the artists and the creativity in me, and the creativity came from seeing a market place full of American greeting cards. And realising that we were funnier than these greeting cards. You and I could crack a funnier joke than most of these cards. The Americans take life seriously and they take themselves seriously and they can’t laugh at themselves really. I thought that was the case for Germans as well but actually we did very well in Germany in terms of British humour, until I found out that the German translations of our humour were very, very on the edge. Risqué is the word.

LUX: Is there a common factor in success in your two careers?

Andrew Brownsword: I think so. It’s trying to do things in a different way and trying to be original and put some of your personality into the businesses you run, and certainly the quality matters. And you have to enjoy it. You’ve got to be having fun.

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The artist and sole hard-worker behind Deckled Edge Ltd is Janna Cossettini. Janna also juggles designing and running the biz alongside being a mother. She is an avid horse rider who loves to keep fit and healthy to balance the hours sitting sketching, and the evenings enjoying a glass of vino or two. Janna's quote is "I believe I have the best job in the world and I am so passionate about what I do".