FUNdamental Fitness


FUNdamental Fitness

Located in Long Riston, East Yorkshire, FUNdamental Fitness is your go-to fitness studio for personalised strength and conditioning classes, outdoor circuit training sessions, and one-on-one personal training. Equipped with a wide variety of workout gear from squat racks to kettlebells and free weights. Peter is committed to improving fitness regardless of age, ability, or current fitness level. With an approach that center’s on enhancing overall fitness, his sessions are designed for a broad demographic, ranging from ages 20 to 70 and beyond. As part of their mission to support people on their fitness journey, FUNdamental Fitness offers an email subscription service to alert you of specials, sales, and event updates.

Aligning with Digital Zest for Digital Enhancement 

To maximise reach and engage with more fitness enthusiasts, FUNdamental Fitness recognised the need for a digital facelift and effective online strategies. Peter turned to Digital Zest to not only revamp his website but also implement tools to augment his digital engagement and optimise the overall user experience on his site.

Digital Zest's Comprehensive Plan for FUNdamental Fitness

Responding to FUNdamental Fitness's needs, Digital Zest rolled out a multi-pronged strategy:

  1. Website Rebrand: Digital Zest undertook a complete rebrand of the FUNdamental Fitness website, bringing a fresh, contemporary look that reflects the energy and passion of the brand. The newly revamped website offers a user-friendly platform for clients to learn about available services, scheduled sessions, and keep updated on the latest events.
  2. Mailchimp Integration: Recognising the power of email marketing in enhancing customer engagement, Digital Zest integrated Mailchimp into the website. This tool allows FUNdamental Fitness to manage email subscriptions effectively.
  3. Website Optimisation: To provide a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for users, Digital Zest performed further optimisation on the website. This work included improving page loading speeds, enhancing navigation, and ensuring the site is mobile-friendly.
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