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Melcourt Industries Limited is a leading supplier of peat-free growing media, mulches, soil improvers and much more.

The existing website is designed to cater predominately for trade customers, though it's also utilised by gardeners, in both cases the extensive product information is valued and helps to cement the high standards Melcourts name and products adhere to.

After research has confirmed that the majority of the website users are now end consumers, looking to learn about the products and where to source them from.

After the assessment, we came to the following plan, we would...

  1. Provide Melcourt with a website with more end user focused products for both trade and retail alike
  2. Make it as easy as possible for trade users to access the stockist information
  3. Update the visual presence of the website with a defined colour palette
  4. Improve on the usability and user experience of the website
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