O’Sullivan’s Complementary Health Clinic


O’Sullivan’s Complementary Health Clinic

Located in Scarborough, O'Sullivan's Clinic offers a wide range of therapies and treatments under the expert guidance of Brendan O'Sullivan. With over 30 years of experience, the clinic specialises in managing acute and chronic pain, mental and emotional issues, eye disorders, women's health, and fertility issues. They offer diverse treatments including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), tailored to individual needs and conditions.

The Need for Digital Transformation

In their quest to continually improve and better serve their patients, O'Sullivan's Clinic recognised the need for a digital transformation. Their online presence needed to reflect the quality of their services and provide an easily navigable, informative platform for potential clients. They sought assistance with a slight rebrand, website design and development, SEO optimisation and improvements to their Google My Business.

Digital Zest's Comprehensive Solution

Understanding the clinic's vision and needs, Digital Zest proposed and initiated a comprehensive digital overhaul. This included:

  • A slight rebrand to keep the clinic's image fresh and aligned with its evolving goals and values.
  • Website design and development, ensuring the new site was user-friendly, visually appealing, and representative of O'Sullivan's Clinic's holistic approach.
  • The inclusion of 10 treatment pages for SEO to increase the clinic's visibility and reach on search engines, enabling more people to find their services.
  • Improvement of their Google My Business profile, enhancing their local SEO and driving more traffic to their website.
  • Simple photography and a 10-second walk-in video production, providing potential patients with a real sense of the clinic's atmosphere and professionalism.
  • Assistance with copy editing to ensure all web content was clear, engaging, and representative of the clinic's ethos.

By providing this comprehensive suite of services, Digital Zest aimed to transform O'Sullivan's Clinic's online presence, making it a true reflection of their dedication to holistic, patient-centric healthcare.

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