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Perkins and Morley

Perkins and Morley Ltd is an established company producing high quality products all manufactured in the UK. Jan & Gill pride themselves on creating designs that are wildlife focused, these designs are then applied to a range of different product types and sold to customers, both retail and trade, worldwide.

Perkins and Morley Ltd had operated 2 websites for some years (one retail and a second trade only), however with the business expanding and advancing technology, Perkins and Morley Ltd needed to redesign their website to align with the processes and goals of the business.

After the assessment, we came to the following plan. We would help them by creating a website that would…

  1. Attract and educate potential customers.
  2. Showcase the various design ranges.
  3. To sell products online, via the website, to both retail and trade.
  4. To build and establish a strong identity.
  5. To track website visitors.
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"The team are fantastic to work with; clear, concise and really helpful. They also know their stuff which makes it easy to hand over the work to them and know that your website is in a safe pair of hands (or two)."

Jan Morley - Perkins and Morley

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