Whitby Brewery


Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery’s mission is to bring local craft brewing back to Whitby. The Brewery has quickly gained a reputation for excellence, with beers now available in a large number of pubs, bars, restaurants and shops in Whitby, North Yorkshire and beyond.

Whitby Brewery reached out initially to discuss the need for a new eCommerce website, one capable of expanding upon their current site, it needed to be reliable, showcase all they have to offer, but more importantly, drive sales and reduce admin time.

After talking with Whitby Brewery we came to the following plan. We would help them to …

  1. Truly understand their audience
  2. Understand what triggers them, be it pain points, concerns, aspirations
  3. Where to reach them and connect to them
  4. How to continue the conversation with them
  5. How to move them from initial awareness through to purchasing
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