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Black Friday conversion rate 14.7% (usually 1.5 to 2.5%)

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Project Summary

Garlanna returned to the Digital Zest family after a period of absence and also following the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Garlanna offers an eclectic range of greeting cards, gifts and stationery and offer some differentiating USPs to their customers, including handwriting a greeting card for the recipient and reminding customers of any special dates in the diary.

When Digital Zest came on board to create the new website, Garlanna’s online sales needed improvement and the User Experience (UX) for customers needed improvement.
The check-out process also needed an overhaul to reduce the number of abandoned baskets.

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The aim of ‘resetting’ Garlanna’s online presence was to increased sales and create a superb UX for customers in a crowded marketplace.

The overall navigation required a complete overhaul in order to support the improve UX.
At the start of the project, cards in particular were difficult to find and in such a competitive market, finding the correct card in a little time as possible was a key feature to successful and improved sales and higher conversion rates.


With our specialisms including working with greetings card businesses, we understood the importance of effective filters for item selections, making for an immersive experience.

We also refined the navigation, making it simpler for customers to use and this, coupled with the filters, products and categories, enabled customers to quickly reach the right product for their needs.
Therefore, the click rate was optimised and although the traffic to the website remained consistent, the conversion rate was vastly improved.

As the customers navigate their way through the site, we also created an improved basket option, so items were retained in the basket and potential purchases were easier to see.
While too much choice can sometimes be seen as a bad thing, for e-commerce, choice is everything and with the effective embedment of filters, categories and product descriptions, this enabled customers to browse more effectively and see linked products they might be inspired to buy.
The idea was to create as near a physical store as was possible using the best e-commerce techniques.
The check-out process was also speeded up considerably.

Finally, the Garlanna experience on a mobile device needed to be overhauled.


Black Friday in 2020 (?) had a conversion rate of 14.7%, from (1.5 to 2.5%) 8% consistence increased sales.

The main element of the brief was to ensure the website was simple in design and yet was a powerhouse for the business. This was achieved so the distinctive vision of Island Blue shines through, this being the global shop front to one of Digital Zest’s success stories.

This system has transformed the way this business operates, underpinning the talent of the artists represented.

audience & branding

One of our team improved the branding of Garlanna, ensuring its colour palette, font and iconic two-shaded heart were instantly recognisable and connected to the Garlanna brand.

The experience of mobile phone users was exponentially improved with screen width graphics, effective calls to actions, and a succinct choice of tap options, getting customers to the right products quickly and smoothly.

Effective and fun use of graphics and cut-out for cards and products are used throughout the site which has enhanced the UX on mobile phone users particularly.

Interaction with customers was low and our team recognised this as a missed opportunity.
Following a consultation, Garlanna now have an advanced subscription newsletter that is sent out to their customers.


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