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Project Summary

The old website was not a true representation of the NEP Cloud portfolio.

The interface was cluttered and confusing and it failed to communicate its service offering to its clients. This project had to effectively relay the NEP Cloud message to a very select audience of key decision makers, individuals who are at the very top of the NHS CCG hierarchy.

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NEP Cloud offers a state-of-the-art cloud-based technology platform, in line with the complex NHS Agenda and with audit assured processes.

With the NEP team being NHS experts in their own fields and with its collaborative approach, the old digital interface didn’t relay this information in an effective, targeted way.

The end-users and decision makers needed to know implicitly why they had landed on the website, understand that NEP Cloud provided the multi-faceted solution they needed.

our strategy

The strategy here at Digital Zest was to leverage considerable developments in technology that have taken place since NEP's former website was developed.

Using state-of-the-art tech meant we could monitor the touch points of the website and see how the audience was interacting with the user interface. As mentioned before, the leading concern was reaching the right audience.

The audience was extremely select, and the interface, content and layout had to get the message across about NEP's portfolio in an informative, effective way.

We discussed with the NEP team various option with regards to our innovative Signature System and given the complexity of the project, the NEP team agreed to the have the new website element of the Signature System.

Using this part of the Signature System also aided the Digital Zest team to offer a true, digital representation of the NEP consortium, which by its very success is immense.

The new website also effectively communicated the expertise that is available with NEP.

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audience & branding

As mentioned earlier in this case study, the audience for the NEP operates at some of the highest levels of the NHS.

Also, one of the key messages to get across was that NEP is cloud-based and this important aspect of their business offering was intrinsically omitted in their previous branded messaging.

The branding also had to refer to the NHS, the vast and intricate organisation with a million moving parts.

As an approved NHS organisation and in line with the NHS Agenda , NEP Cloud's interface, branding and messaging needed to embed the NHS within the very heart of its branding strategy. This included the obvious match of using the NHS shade of blue as well as informed and streamlined used of necessary NHS jargon in a more effective use of communication of the products and services offered by NEP Cloud.


A careful use of imagery for the website also effectively transmitted the structured message of NEP and implied the excellent end results.

We also used a selection of icons throughout the site, a classic example of 'show don't tell'.


With necessary and very complex content, the Digital Zest team distilled the content into effective content that was more structured and with a leaner use of vocabulary.

Clear calls to actions were peppered throughout the site and were placed in more prominent positions. A mixed use of fonts, icons and colours helped ensure the key points of NEP Cloud’s offer was portrayed visually and effectively.

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