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Project Summary

Perkins & Morley are a designing duo who’ve worked together since 1987

Inspired by some of the most stunning areas of the UK (Cumbria and Devon), Jill Perkins and Jan Morley now have a number of ranges as part of their popular and recognisable portfolio, including their best-selling Collective Noun range, Zigzag, Pulp, Animal Ink, and Wilder and Wild Wood.

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Source Nibbler 6th June 2022


Perkins & Morley team realised they needed to completely rethink this and have an e-commerce platform that served both trade and retail and which integrated with their complex accounts system as well as increasing conversions rates in terms of successful orders.

A single, bespoke e-commerce platform was the solution.

The complexities of this were considered from the outset: pricing; products; shipping; stock control; VAT considerations and a database that securely retained customers’ details.

The effects of this single system on the business was immediate.

Around sixteen hours of administrative tasks were immediately redeployed into what Perkins & Morley does best: creating stunning products for their iconic ranges which include the inquisitive hare with perky ears and a cheeky otter, which can be found on their greeting cards, fridge magnets, ring boxes, shopping bags, aprons, cushions, notebooks, cushions, mugs, calendars, clocks and clothing among other items.

The Digital Zest team breathed new life into the Perkins & Morley portfolio with their superb interface which give space and coherence to their branding and products. From the smaller screen of a smart phone to a desktop interface for their trade clients, the aesthetic appeal of Perking & Morley was in safe hands with Digital Zest.

“The team are fantastic to work with; clear, concise and really helpful. They also know their stuff which makes it easy to hand over the work to them and know that your website is in a safe pair of hands (or two).”

- Jan Morley, Designer & Owner of Perkins & Morley


With this particular project, as Jill and Jan already had a website, they could access stunning professional photography of their existing products and were able to arrange new images of brand-new ranges quickly and easily, ready for use on their website.

Lastly and importantly, the nitty gritty of Perkins & Morley also had to be successfully pulled over to their new website, and this included their returns policy, their customer service and support contact information and secure online payment option.

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