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Toasted Crumpet

20%Increase in Pages Per Session Comparing Five Month figures

14%Increase in Session Duration Comparing Five Month figures

9%Reduction in Bounce Rate Comparing Five Month figures

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Project Summary

A website as delicious and successful as the tempting name suggests, Toasted Crumpet Designs specialises in greeting cards, gift wrap and art prints.

A competitive market is crowded with talent, this project successfully propelled the creative output of the Toasted Crumpet team into a wider market for both individual and wholesale customers


As well as creating a stunning customer facing e-commerce digital platform, a drive for both trade and retail sales was required, with a focus upon enabling an expanded portfolio of new and existing products to reach both audiences without increasing the workload.

The more efficient workload also involved the complexities of VAT calculations and the inbuilt ability to split out trade and retails orders and processes.

The design of the shop element on the website includes a simple use of categories down the left-hand-side quarter of the user’s screen, with just ten products being revealed.

This was achieved through the skilled use of industry product categories, titles and other elements that enables the both the retail and commercial visitor to have a trouble-free online experience.


The innovative and intricate integrated system with Digital Zest installed and implemented saved countless hours of admin time and enabled Jo and the team to focus on product creation and sales.

From sales to processing, and from agent to accounting, this enabled Toasted Crumpet to operate on several levels in the most efficient to the end user and one that transformed the business from within at the same time.

In 2019, the Toasted Crumpet brand sold over 68,000 products in the first six months since launch.

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