Content Creation … Why You Might Only Need To Do This Once

Creating content takes time and lots of it!

A strategy will save you time however you still have to find that headspace to write that content.

Ensuring your content is top-notch, well-researched, relevant and well-written will, however, reap great rewards.

And as you follow your content strategy, you will see spot opportunities that in turn will reveal one of the big secrets of content creation – repurposing content.

What IS Repurposing Content?

This involved looking at the content you’ve created and looking at ways it can be added to, re-used and revised in effective ways and avoiding damaging short cuts.

Repurposing content can appeal to most of the senses including sight and hearing but in different ways.

The Clock is Ticking …

For some business owners, content creation is problematic in terms of subject matter. For others, it’s simply finding the time.

A good brainstorming session, some solid research and taking a step back from your business can usually solve the first problem. Or if it still persists, a good copywriter is worth their weight in gold … Digital Zest can provide such a service.

The second obstacle is something we all face. What if we were to reveal that for your best content, you only need to create this once, and it can then be repurposed in several ways? Yes, this can be done!

Isn’t Repurposing ‘Lazy?

Most certainly not! However, it has to be done in the right way.

Doing it the right way means you are spending less time on creating and more time on promoting.

There are some rules to doing so, and the most important rule is to have great content in the first place.

Why Repurpose?

It can reach new audiences. It can reinforce your message. And it can be helpful in getting more people to trust you and your brand.

Providing you follows the rules, successful repurposing can also help with your SEO.

What Type of Content Can Be Repurposed?

Here we give you just three ways to repurpose your content … rest assured, there are many, many more ways to do so!

1) Several types of content can be repurposed, such as your evergreen content or your most popular blogs.
2) For some it could be that you could write or create more about a topic. For example, ten reasons to book a holiday in Yorkshire could be a popular blog post … you could write another blog to give your visitors the ten best beauty spots in Yorkshire to visit while on holiday. It’s a variation on a (popular) theme.

3) And if you’ve written a report on the holiday industry, could you re-purpose elements of this content into infographics that could be used on other digital platforms?

Your Competitors …

Are doing just this! Why aren’t you?

Chances are they’ve had similar challenges but have learned the repurposing content is a great way to reach more possible customers.

So You’re Already Repurposing …

Consider video content!

If you create top ten reasons to book a holiday in Yorkshire, there’s nothing to stop you from making a video of this article


Still, feeling overwhelmed?
Don’t worry! Here at Digital Zest, we’ve got all this covered.

From creating original content to implementing a whole repurposing ‘timeline’, we can do this.


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