What to Consider When Scheduling Your Marketing Email

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when sending marketing emails is wrong timing. Some people may think that you should be good to go as long as you send the email. However, sending that email at certain times will affect how people receive and react to it.

Email timing is an approach wherein you schedule your email at a specific time to ensure that you get the best response possible. However, is email timing important?

Why Is Email Timing Important?

The timing of your marketing emails is important because it will affect how many people will actually open them, click on links or even reply to your emails. For example, you may get more clicks on your email if you send it on a day when your target market is not that busy.

Because you have already spent time and effort crafting up your email marketing campaign, you would want people to have a chance to view it. That’s why you must know the best time to send these emails.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Time to Send Your Emails

Here are certain factors you will need to consider when scheduling your marketing emails. These factors are:

1. Audience Demographics

Some people will check their emails more often in the early morning or late at night than others. If your target audience are high school students, you would want to send your emails later in the evening since they might be busy during the day. On the other hand, if your target audience comprises working adults, you would instead want to send your emails right after they get off work.

2. Day of the Week

You might want to consider sending your emails twice a week. It will help you maximise the number of people who will receive your email.

Also, consider not sending your emails on Mondays and Fridays. Many people are usually away from the office and might not check their emails.

3. Time of the Day

If you have a lot of accounts in different time zones, you might want to consider sending your emails in the morning time for the west coast and afternoon for the east coast.

This is because many people check their emails during their lunch break. It also helps avoid the mid-afternoon “spike” where more emails are sent because people finish their daily tasks and have their free time.

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4. Time of the Month

In terms of timing, you should note that the email open rate generally tends to go down as the month goes by. This is usually the case with Mondays, typically the lowest open rate. You would want to try sending your emails earlier in the month before the open rate starts dropping.

5. Holidays

Be sure to avoid sending marketing emails on holidays. This is because people are either away from the office or have a lot of work, making them too busy to check their emails. When they get back from vacation, your marketing email could simply just bother them.


Many factors affect the success of your email marketing campaign. One of them is the timing of when you send your emails. Ensuring that you know when to send your emails can help you increase your open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. Make sure to follow our tips above and schedule your email appropriately for the best results.

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