3 Worrying Signs That Your Website Needs to Be Updated

When the times are good, you might find yourself sitting back and enjoying the rush of revenue into your business pockets. However, when times start to slow down, you might find yourself scratching your head, wondering what is going on. Is your team dropping in productivity? Are your customers now disliking your product? While those might be the cause, there might be one other problem you did not think about: your website.

There are many issues your website can face that initially weren’t there in the beginning. Over time, these problems compound on each other, resulting in fewer customers reaching out to you for your solutions. How do you fix this? Well, your website needs to be looked at by a professional web designer!

Here are all the signs it is time your website needs to be looked at:

1. The Design Is Outdated

This is a big one. If your website looks outdated, no one is going to visit it, let alone buy from it. Many clients will just assume your product is outdated as well and will go to a competitor of yours.

We know what you are saying, “Why does my website design have to be updated? I’ve been using the same design for the past three years, and it has performed well.”

We’re not saying you need to stop using the same design you have been, but you should take a fresh look at it. Look at how it looks on multiple browsers and different devices and make sure it is still responsive. If you’re satisfied with the results, look at the content within the website and make sure it is still relevant. If not, update it.

3 Worrying Signs That Your Website Needs to Be Updated

2. Potential Customers Are Having Trouble Finding Your Website

One of the most common problems new website owners face is whether or not they can be found by their customers.

What happens if you’re a plumber and someone is looking for a plumber? Would you rather go to a company on the first page of Google or the last page? If you’re not on the first page, then that’s a problem.

Make sure they can find you by adding keywords to your website. These keywords can be the company name, the name of your product, and other related items. Make sure to write blogs and articles on the subjects you are discussing, and make sure they get indexed by search engines.

3. Potential Customers Do Not Get What They Want

What is your website selling? Is it your product, or is it your services? For many website owners, the two are one and the same; however, that is not always the case.

Is your website selling a physical product, like a phone case? Are you selling an hour of your time, like a lawyer? Both are selling something, but the way your customers see it is going to be different.

For the phone case example, your phone’s service is going to be the biggest factor in your customer’s purchase. For the lawyer, your legal skill will be the biggest factor.

When you sell a physical product, you might think that the quality of your product and the amount of features your product has is the biggest factor, but the design of your product is going to be the biggest factor for your customers.

When you sell a service, the same thing can be said. Are you offering quick service, or do you have a more extensive service?

If you’re selling a physical product, make sure you have a high-quality image of your product on your product page, along with the features of your product. If you’re selling a service, make sure you have a personal description of your business as well as an explanation of your services offered.

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Your website is one of the largest investments you will make for your business. So, it makes sense to make sure it is working for you, not against you.

If you determine that it is time for your website to be redesigned, contact an expert web designer. With a little help from your web designer, you can make sure your website is a valuable tool for your business.

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