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5 Ways to Increase Your Hotel’s Exposure on Social Media


Social Media is a fantastic channel to get your Hotel’s name out to literally millions of potential customers everyday (even the ones outside of Yorkshire.) It was estimated at the end of 2017, that over 1.1 billion people worldwide use Facebook everyday and over 500 million people using the popular photo-sharing site Instagram on a daily basis. Whilst most Social Media channels include a paid advertisement offering, exposure can quite easily be achieved without having to spend a penny.

At Digital Zest, we understand that getting your Hotel’s brand out to the market is half the battle to boosting online bookings. Take a look at our 5 top tips to boost your Social Media exposure…

1 – Stay Busy Online

When it comes to Social Media, having a plan for regular content is imperative to not only keep your current audience engaged, but help reach new customers. Many studies have been undertaken into the best posting frequencies but we’ll break it down for the common platforms.

Facebook – The industry ‘rule’ states that 2 posts a day is the optimum number to stay active without spamming your followers timelines. You may want to raise or lower this depending on your follower base but as with brushing your teeth, twice a day is best!

Twitter – As you may expect with Twitter only allowing the user to post ‘soundbite’ type content, you can get away with more daily activity on the platform. Try keeping your Twitter feed active between 3-5 times a day to boost engagement and exposure for your brand.

Instagram – With Instagram being one of the newer mainstream platform, studies into post regularity are inconclusive. The leading industry tip here is to stay consistent. If you post once a day, make sure you actually post everyday to stay reliable with your following. Instagram is a hugely growing platform with users growing from around 300 to 500 million a day in 2017.

2 – Mix Up The Content

With Social Media and personal device technology ever evolving, sharing different types of media on your social streams has gone from an just an option to a requirement. It is commonly known that different people learn and absorb content in different ways, so varying your post types will help appeal to all tastes.

This advice doesn’t just come out of thin air, the numbers add up too! Research carried out using the popular social media tool Buffer, found that tweets which included images received 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets. When trying to grow your audience, retweets and shares are essential to getting in front of new customers.

Outside of text and images, try adding in some videos and infographics to add style and value to your social content.

One of the golden rules of social media says that Better Content = Better Engagement. Interesting content will create a buzz within your current following whilst increasing exposure out to new Social Media users.

3 – Let Your Customers Do The Talking

For this tip, we are solely looking at Facebook, particularly their Reviews section. Now as part of your official business Facebook page, customers can review their stay at your Hotel.

Facebook reviews give your customers as easy way to tell everyone how fantastic you are whilst also contributing to Facebook’s ranking algorithm. Put simply, Facebook looks at – the number of reviews you have, the average rating of the review and how long ago the review was posted. These factors feed into Facebook’s overall Edge Factor Rating to boost popular pages.

Getting regular, positive reviews means that Facebook will naturally promote your page – no need for you to do anything at all! Using the simple star rating system also means your customers can post their score in seconds, so get asking them to rate!

4 – Competition Time

Building a large social following can often take time and depending on your Social targets, you may want to speed things up a little. A fantastic way to get a buzz ringing around your online presence is to run a Social Media competition.

For the hospitality sector, this can be as simple as a discount on a nights stay or bumped up to a full getaway package. A bonus top tip from Digital Zest? The bigger the prize, the bigger the incentive for current and new customers alike – time to go big with your giveaway!

Creating an eye catching post, instructing the user to like/share for entry is a great way to get the word out. Not only will you gain a new follower every time, your new follower will share your brand within their network too!

Why not try tying the competition into an event? Valentines Day competitions for meals or nights away are a surefire way to get people talking!

A successful Social Media competition can literally see your exposure and following double overnight, after all – everyone loves the thought of getting something for free!

5 – Give it a Boost!

At the start of this article we mentioned the use of paid advertising and our guide wouldn’t be complete without discussing the benefits. All of the common Social Media channels will have a paid advertisement feature, allowing you to target your next Hotel customer.

Advertising rates can be set on a Cost Per Click or Impression basis, with powerful user interfaces to make the process easy and intuitive. Facebook lead the way with their advertising platform which allows you to simply boost a post or create a bespoke ad from scratch.

Whether you are looking to generate direct leads or boost website traffic results can be achieved for next to nothing, with many users getting newly engaged enquiries for less than £1 a time. But the main benefit? Guaranteed exposure to the exact audience you want to target.

Social Media has fast become one of the best performing and cost effective methods to gaining exposure within the Hospitality sector. With huge audiences to hit, free signups fees and clever targeting options – getting on board with Social Media is a real no brainer.

When looking to boost exposure, a range of regular posts will help to bolster the credibility of your online offering. Coupled with great reviews and competition giveaways – creating a real buzz around your Hotel is easily within your grasp. Need to speed up the process? Paid advertisement across all platforms give you a second tier of marketing power, with results possible for all budgets.

Want to chat further about your Social Media strategy? Give us a call today on 01723 332080 to speak with our expert team at Digital Zest.

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