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The Fear Of Failure

One of the biggest things we fear as human beings is failure. And let’s face it there are so many ways we can fail; a driving test, an exam or even in business.

Here at Digital Zest, we don’t do ‘failure’. We do understand when it comes to business, it’s about feeling the fear  and doing it anyway!


Design Processes

Our web designers and developers are a talented bunch, and we work alongside our clients when it comes to designing their website or e-commerce platform. The process is a collaborative one and the best way to work is to discover what makes that client tick, the aims of their business and what they want to achieve. Once we’ve got the information to hand, the design and development process begins!

It’s a very exciting time and most clients can’t wait to see the ‘work in progress’.


The Sign Off 

After a few weeks, we are ready to ‘go for launch.’ Links are provided to the website prior to it going ‘live’. What we’ve found at this point is there are just two types of business owners. Those who welcome the fear, tell us that their website can go ‘live’ and then enjoy the rollercoaster ride that follows. It’s exhilarating, exciting and a teeny bit scary, all at the same time. The other type of client is one that begins procrastinating, wants everything to be reviewed with a magnifying glass, fears failure and ultimately wants ‘changes’ to their website.

These changes stand for something else …


The 2mm Myth

Your website will have many fantastically designed elements, from logos to social media icons, infographics and much, much more. Rather than pushing the ‘live’ button, the procrastinator will ask: “Please can you make this icon 2mm bigger” or, “Can you move that image 1mm to the left or even, “I’ve just see this on another site and I think we should try it and see what it looks like.” If you feel you might be one of these people, we encourage you to ask yourself, “Will that tiny move or similar requests affect my sales in any way, shape or form?”

The answer of course is no.

What WILL affect your sales is not having a live website for the world to see!


Procrastinator or Go-Getter – Which Are You?

Let’s go back a step. While of course we can make such tiny alts, basically what you’re doing is putting off the moment when you take the plunge. It is scary. It is a ‘rabbit in headlights’ sensation. Yet this is what taking the next step in business is all about! Just think how far you’ve come … you’ve got the products or the service. You KNOW you’re better than your opposition. You might have even taken time out to focus on just this, or have gained finance for this new project. So, what’s the big deal with pushing that ‘go live’ button? We get that you feel there’s no turning back and now it’s a case of waiting for those sales to come in. Go-getters know this goes with the territory. Go-getters know that things might go wrong from time to time.

If you have the right attitude and the right team behind you, you can deal with anything.


Press the Button!

If you know you are a procrastinator, then you’re certainly not alone. Asking for a minute change to your website is ultimately a delaying tactic. You have it within you to become that go-getter. Inside every procrastinator, there is a go-getter just waiting to get out!


Success Comes With Confidence

You might feel that above subheading should be the other way around. We don’t agree. Digital Zest has many successful, satisfied clients. Our team is with you every step of the way … we know we can help you succeed.

And no team is prouder than us when we push the ‘live button’!

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