UX/UI design that delights customers and converts to sales

Build the exceptional interface and experience your users expect



Innovative user interfaces that move visitors towards conversions


Appealing user experiences that captivate your customers


Responsive design that looks and works great on all devices

When customers lose their way, you lose their business

Did You Know

When your website isn’t working, your sales start to slump and bounce rates soar. Customers can’t find products and information quickly. Pages won’t load on their devices. They’re hitting your site and then leaving in frustration within seconds.

But with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles, you can build a website that anticipates customers’ needs, showcases the information and products they seek, and loads with cleverly-placed buttons and images on every screen, every time.

At Digital Zest, we help you think like a customer, using UX/UI principles to find the holes in your design logic and identify the places in the purchasing journey where customers lose their way.

Each button, each image, each element of each design is purposeful and powerful. We don’t guess what might make your customer convert to sales. We draw on decades of UX/UI design experience to get it right for your site.

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Exceptional user experiences mean bigger carts and increased bookings

UX/UI website design keeps the customer in centre focus. It means visitors can find products and information quickly. Pricing is clearly displayed. Call-to-action buttons take appropriate and expected actions, and users are never confused at any point in their purchasing journey.

We prioritise UX/UI design because it makes buying and booking easy for customers. And when buying/booking is easy, your customers are exponentially more likely to do it.

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Let’s build a UX/UI website design that converts sales and wins hearts

At Digital Zest, we know that every company - from local Scarborough shops to international eCommerce businesses - has a story to tell.

Everyone wants to boost their sales, but informed UX/UI design is bigger than that. When you work with us to design a customer-focused website, you create happier, more loyal customers.

We’ll help you identify your customer personas, envision how they’re using your website, and ensure your site is addressing their needs and questions. We’ll measure, test, and execute an innovative website design that seamlessly leads your customers towards sales.

When your website is a joy to navigate and a cinch to complete a purchase, you’ll see bigger shopping carts and build a base of loyal brand advocates.

UX/UI design that creates a smooth purchasing journey

When you work with us to create a website, you’ll get thoughtful UX/UI design that:

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    Makes products easy to find

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    Makes pricing crystal clear

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    Makes purchasing simple and hassle-free

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    Entices customers to click, email, book, or buy

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    Dovetails with your SEO, social media, and content strategies

Frequently asked questions:

How do you know what customers will like in a website design?

We could point to our decades of experience in UX/UI design, but we base our designs on more than a hunch. We work with a number of different tools to measure and test user research and user testing for each website we build, so we know what will resonate with your customers before we design your website, and we identify ways to augment our initial design before the site goes live.

How long does UX/UI take to improve sales?

A good UX/UI lead eCommerce website should yield measurable results within 4 weeks, good results within three months, and outstanding results in six months.

What do you need from a client to build a UX/UI website design?

When we undertake a UX/UI website build, we parent with the client to get any information that will help us test and measure the effectiveness of the current website and the areas that need improvement. Target audience details, user experience audits, Google Analytics and other website analytics reports, and business reports can all help us understand what is working on the current website and what needs to be improved.

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