We Do Great Web Development

Every web developer will promise you ‘the world’.
Your world might be a small one.
The web developer will also give you some tempting hints, particularly in cases of e-commerce websites.

Yet many folks confuse great web ‘design’ with great web ‘development’.
This article will give the best insight into web designing that will help your business to fly.

Why Is Web Development Important?

We have put this blog together for you as we don’t want you to believe things that just aren’t true, to dispel certain web development myths and reveal three ways to outstrip your competition.
We will:

  1. Reveal the crucial differences between web development and web design.
  2. Reveal what other website companies aren’t telling you.
  3. Give you a cheat sheet that will guarantee that you know what the best web development constitutes.

I don’t Understand The Difference Between A Web Designer & A Web Developer

If this is you, don’t worry, as you are not alone.
Yet understanding the differences between these two important and interweaving elements will help you to maximise your potential.
The developer is the person that builds the website’s very core using coding languages.
They use their programming knowledge to make the designer’s creations come to life.
The designer is usually the one with the visual focus of the project. A good analogy is that web designers are architects, while web developers are construction workers.
They both have their own skillset and one cannot work without the other.
The result of a designer’s work is the UX and the UI of your website.
The developer uses software to construct the designer’s ideas and there are several different types of developers, including back-end, front-end and full-stack.
Dovetailing talents in both areas are essential for the best results and Digital Zest does this in spades.

All Developers and Designers Are The Same

So, you have someone who can build you a website for £300.
Sounds cheap enough.
Chances are they are what we call ‘cookie cutter’ website businesses.
This is where a client will choose a template and the website person populates the template with photos and content. It is quick and is often the ‘easier’ option.
There’s nothing wrong with this … right?
However, this doesn’t constitute good, effective web development or design.
Time and again, clients come to Digital Zest having been down this route, or they have built a website themselves through a well-known platform and discovered that customers are simply not finding them on search engines or they are not gaining the sales they deserve.
So no, we’re simply not the same.

Learn What Good Web Development Includes

Here at Digital Zest, we not only offer the best web developers, but we also are willing to share with our clients what to look out for.
And it’s not just the website or the e-commerce platform.
There are huge changes in web development taking place as you read this and we’re ready for them. Are you?
We have a full, integrated system for which good web development is the crux.
If you’ve got the best website development money can buy, then all other elements fall into place, and your business earnings start to soar.

Not Just The Website

We know that running a successful business … you know, one that brings you orders in 24 hours a day, seven days a week … takes guts, hard work and determination.
But how is web development set to change?
AI-enabled chatbots: a great marketing tool, and if implemented and used effectively, can be your 24-hours-a-day customer service advisor.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management): as your business goes from strength to strength with our growth processes, you will need tech that can handle data intelligently, safely and in a streamlined manner. Your sales will increase as a result.
Enable perceived recognition, where a product or service can appeal to several key audience segments in a targeted, effective way.
This is a psychological ‘sales’ tool that is used by some of the world’s most respected and successful companies, including Apple.

Cookie Cutters

So, let’s go back to the cookie-cutter website person.
While it is possible, it’s worth checking that they offer these three nuggets of tech wizardry.
With a bespoke web design company, they understand that no one size fits all.
They dig deep into the ethos of your business, your target audience, the best call to actions and the best UI so your conversion rates don’t only improve, they exceed all expectations. And not just for a short period of time.
With ongoing support and implementation of tried and tested techniques, Digital Zest will help your business to grow faster than ever before.
It will be money down the drain if your web design company ignores these important aspects of design.

But I Already Have A ChatBot …

If that’s the case, then well done!
Yet you really have overlooked some key areas of web development which is going to be crucial going forward.
With an expected number of smartphone users expected to reach 3.8 billion in 2021 (that’s half the world’s population), then mobile responsiveness has to reach ‘new heights’. Nothing new here, we hear you say. Well, if you don’t mind us saying, that’s incorrect. Advanced mobile responsiveness is crucial and here at Digital Zest, we have anticipated this both in our web development team and in our Signature System.

Thank You

Ready To Take ‘The Plunge’?

Now you understand what web development entails, we would love to be the company that not only utilises great web development, it also places it within a complete system that will take into account your marketing, stock control, PR and even some of your staff roles.

No hard sell, just a chat to discover how we can be part of your continued success.

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