9 Tips on How To Engage Your Customers With WooCommerce

We’re going to share all of our inside tips & tricks for engaging with your customers in the best possible way via e-commerce platform: WooCommerce.  So without further do, lets jump straight into the list!

Share your current customer voice!

Testimonials can be powerful tools to increase trust in your store because they are submitted by customers who have already purchased and tested the product. Ensure you use your testimonials wisely and effectively. The old adage, people buy from people, is very true.

Personalise your email marketing!

The best way to tailor emails for customers is with personalised messages that show items they would be interested in based on their purchase history. The design and content are important, but it’s all about presenting offers so tempting your readers will want to visit the store!

Noticing some abandoned carts? Don’t worry!

To engage customers with abandoned cart emails, there are various WooCommerce marketing tools that can send attractive recovery emails in perfect sequence.

For example, some will allow you to create a series of personalised messages for each customer based on the specific items they left behind and what time period has elapsed after their initial purchase.

Others integrate seamlessly into your website, so all data is synced together automatically, right down through product descriptions. This makes it easier than ever before to offer detailed information about products that might have been overlooked when first purchased by potential buyers who will return at a later date to your website or eCommerce platform.

People love rewards!

The WooCommerce point and reward plugins are a powerful incentive for your visitors to shop from you. Offering points for purchases can bring in more sales and signups to your store is an effective way of increasing spend and loyalty. Just ensure it is easy to redeem the rewards or points as well!

Gift cards are here to stay!

Gift cards are on the rise, and now is a great time to get started with them. Selling gift cards by using one of the  WooCommerce plugins is a great way to expand the ability for customers to introduce other customers to your products. It could be that one of your customers loves your products and wants to buy their mum or dad a gift … but they’re not quite sure what they would like. A gift card is a perfect answer and there’s no need to gift wrap!

Who doesn’t love a flash sale?!

flash sales are the best - woocommerce

Flash sales are an eCommerce technique popular for acquiring new customers and boosting sales of used sparingly. In a flash sale, the site offers discounts on only one or two products of your choosing during a short time period. This strategy is great for any level of business!

Improve your cross-sell technique

Cross-selling is the best way to sell people more than they originally planned. It’s a great tactic for businesses that want to make sure customers are getting everything they need in one place, particularly if they’re in the buying ‘frame of mind.’

Unlock the power of upsell

WooCommerce upsell is a technique that encourages customers to spend more by recommending products they may not be aware of, or that they might have considered buying yet have been hesitant to do so. These recommendations could include an upgraded product or one with additional features. WooCommerce knows your customer’s needs and wants better than anyone else: try their service today.

Swoon-worthy discounts!

Providing discounts on your WooCommerce store is a win-win idea. This strategy benefits both you and the customer because it offers them coupons or codes to buy more at less cost, which will make for increased conversion rates as well as revenue from sales. There are many ways that this can be done with percentage discounting, price discounts, product pricing reductions or bundle deals.

Ultimately, these incentives provide customers with an encouragement to purchase items they might not otherwise buy at that moment or might have purchased in the future … if they remember to do so. As a business owner, you know these tactics have been tried and tested by your competitors. You don’t need to do all of these, you can try one of them and see how it goes.

What to do next?

Here at Digital Zest, our knowledge of WooCommerce is second to none. We can help you with all aspects of this eCommerce platform!

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