Your Online Sales Are Booming – We Can Improve Them

Your e-commerce business is spinning like a top. Yet we have ways of making your business fly and become the go to name in your field of expertise.

You, as a successful business owner, are an e-commerce entrepreneur!
You’ve got your entrepreneurial superpowers, the products and the determination …. yet there is always something else to be done.
For your e-commerce business, the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to have even bigger sales.

Superhero Strategy

This blog will give you more superpowers … well, maybe not quite, but we guarantee we will highlight and start to give you the ability to make your e-commerce website work around the clock, 365 days a year.
This blog will:

  1. Give you an insight into how to improve your sales.
  2. Give you a nudge to create an opportunity to gain lucrative one-off purchases.
  3. Give you an insight as to how to save yourself hours and hours of work.

Your Sales Are Amazing, BUT …

There is always a ‘but’ in business. You could:
B … better your sales
U … understand your customers better
T … tailor and streamline your stock control system

I Am An E-Commerce ‘Superhero’!

Actually, this isn’t a myth … this is true.
However, there is always room for improvement and a chance to refine your entrepreneurial skills.
You’ve built your business, developed your e-commerce platform, created products and you’re getting those all-important sales.
Yet, you still get abandoned carts.
You work around the clock.
Your competitors are on your tail despite your USPs.
So why do you still face these challenges?

Giving YOU The Power

Digital Zest can banish the evil from your e-commerce world.
Our expertise is second-to-none in terms of e-commerce.
In fact, it’s our speciality and our very own superpower.
With our unique, superb and failsafe system, e-commerce evils can become a thing of the past.
We can streamline your order system so your inventories, stock control and ordering systems talk to each other, saving you hours and hours of repetitive work.
We can create product pages that drill down to the nitty-gritty and capture those orders by making wise choices and sometimes narrowing them down too so a customer is more likely to purchase.
And we’ve already anticipated the future of e-commerce: predictive analytics and perceived customisation are the way forward.
We can improve your check-out process … and abandoned carts will eventually become a thing of the past.

E-commerce: How To Improve It

Digital Zest discovered a long, long time ago the secrets of successful e-commerce. One of the key elements to success is the check-out process.
Time and again, this trips up customers who then lose patience and leave a site.
There are three elements to consider:
1) Be a customer! Keep your customers in mind for all aspects of your website and particularly to the checkout process. This will also highlight the sticking points.
2) Make is simple; all costs including postage, packing and VAT should be clear. Keep it uncluttered and crystal-clear as to all charges.
3) Add the ability for a guest login so you can capitalise on those lucrative one-off purchases or impulse buys.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignoring those niggling (or huge) bumps in the road your customers experience might seem inconsequential if your sales are good.
You need to ask yourself: will these good sales last forever?
The expectations of customers who shop online are enormous.
Anything complex, slow, intricate or confusing, no matter how small the detail, will become a big problem in time to come.
Your competitors might have similar products to you, only yours are better.
What sets you apart from your competitors? Have you defined this to your customers? Have you limited their choices by being so much better than your competition?
Do your customers know your USP, or are you assuming they do?

My Processes Aren’t The Problem

We understand that all entrepreneurs have their superpowers which are used to the best they can be.
These superpowers can help your business to fly!
But everyone as a weakness.
Digital Zest will find that weakness and convert it into a strength as there is some element that’s preventing you from reaching your full potential.
Consider revising your cart or payment system, refining your product descriptions, or adding helpful filters.
There is always something that even a successful entrepreneur overlooks, and the enemy knows that.

So Little Time … So, Thank You!

Entrepreneurs seem to be able to be in two places at once! This could be because they have superpowers.
Or it could be they’re just working too hard.
No business owner needs that … they need to focus on the strengths and iron out any weaknesses.
We would love to be part of your world. Call us today or contact us here!


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