Hortipak is a dedicated horticultural marketing company which creates recyclable printed plant labels, handles, seed packets, and point-of-sale content solutions. Their mission is to transform labels or marketing spend into value-adding projects. Specialising in horticultural retail and marketing, they offer innovative solutions to commercial growers, horticultural retailers, and brand owners. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Hortipak is consistently developing its products and services to enhance clients' experiences while making a positive impact on the environment.

Despite their significant strides in the horticultural industry, Hortipak recognised the need for a digital upgrade to further their mission of connecting people with plants. They sought the expertise of Digital Zest to conduct brand guidelines, perform a website rebrand, and implement API integrations to streamline their operations.

The Transformative Plan Implemented by Digital Zest

In response to Hortipak's specific needs, we crafted a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Responding to FUNdamental Fitness's needs, Digital Zest rolled out a multi-pronged strategy:
  1. Brand Guidelines: To ensure consistent brand representation across all platforms, We established clear and detailed brand guidelines that embody Hortipak's values and mission.


  2. Website Rebrand: Recognising the importance of a strong online presence in today's digital age, a thorough website rebrand was conducted. The new website design enhances user experience, offering clear and concise information about Hortipak's extensive services and products.


  3. API Integration: To facilitate seamless operations, numerous API integrations were implemented. These integrations allow Hortipak to easily manage product data, customer details, and more, improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  4. Product and Customer Data Management: Through the API integrations, Hortipak can now effectively manage product data such as names and prices, as well as customer details. This allows for a more personalised and efficient service delivery.


  5. Payment Gateway Setup: To streamline transactions, Digital Zest set up Stripe as the payment gateway, ensuring secure and hassle-free payment processes for customers.


  6. Shipping Rates Configuration: Shipping rates were configured according to Hortipak's specific requirements, ensuring transparency and accuracy for customers.

By implementing this comprehensive plan, Digital Zest enhanced Hortipak's digital presence, improved operational efficiency, and facilitated a better connection between the company and its customers. Through this successful collaboration, Hortipak continues to thrive in its mission of connecting people with plants, with a stronger digital platform supporting its valuable work.

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