4 Reasons mobile responsiveness is key to the success of your business.

Is your website optimised for mobile browsing? If not, you could be missing out on a lucrative and rapidly expanding customer base for your greetings card business.

So, exactly what is mobile optimisation? Simply put, it’s the instant, seamless resizing of desktop sites for mobiles and tablets, ensuring a consistent experience across all platforms. Here are four ways of ensuring your website is mobile-ready will benefit you and your business:

1. An upgrade to your UX.

Mobile-ready sites can utilise the same cascading style sheets (CSS) for a much more consistent look and feel. Users can expect a continuation of experience from one platform to the next – a comforting sense of familiarity. That’s critical for building real trust in your business and developing a powerful brand identity. Why does that matter? Because the data shows that trusting and recognising a brand are two of the most powerful components of consumers’ buying decisions, particularly for such a personal purchase as a card.

2. Tap into an enormous, rapidly growing audience.

Two years ago, mobile overtook web as the most popular method of browsing online. Since then, the trend has shown no sign of slowing down, with millions more utilising the power of mobile every year – particularly for local searches. Ensuring your websites are optimised for this burgeoning audience puts you in a perfect position to help them find your business, peruse your products, and boost your potential revenue massively.

3. Consolidate your analytics.

Mapping and understanding user journeys are becoming increasingly important as the experience of each individual becomes more and more critical to the success of businesses all over the world. An optimised mobile site allows the development of user journeys which work across both sites – that means there’s no need for building separate sales funnels or reworking navigation. Ultimately, that saves you time and money in both initial development and testing. You’ll be able to deploy optimal sales funnels across all platforms, which means better conversion rates – and subsequently, more revenue. On top of that, your analytics will be a breeze in comparison to traditional methods, with your data easily consolidated into one place – and regular insights into exactly who your customers are, how they use your site, and what types of cards they’re interested in buying.

4. Improve your SEO rankings.

Google is constantly tweaking and reindexing their search algorithms, but in recent years one feature has been extremely prominent in any redesigns: mobile responsiveness. So, your SEO rankings will be vastly improved across the board my making your site mobile friendly. Search engine optimisation is absolutely key to driving new business, discovering potential customers and getting your message out there, allowing you to compete with industry giants like Moonpig.
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