5 Valuable Tips to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a company without an online presence because it’s the easiest way to market its offerings. For most companies, a social media channel is enough because of the abundance of users. However, a website is arguably better because it’s where all information about a company can be found. However, a website is no good if it’s not designed properly.

Web design isn’t something to skimp on because your business will suffer. It’s the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, so it’s in your best interest to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing website with great user experience. Without it, you may not attract prospects, losing out on many business deals and transactions. However, it’s easier said than done, and, understandably, not all business owners know the slightest thing about web design. For this reason, we’ve listed some tips to help you:

#1 – Engage in User Research

Before you even think of building an eCommerce site, conduct some user research. Understand who your target audience is and what they’re searching for. Are they interested in buying products, or do they just want to learn more about your business? What are their age group, location, and occupation? Unless you know this, you won’t have a vague idea of what to design.

Keep in mind that every website is designed with a purpose. The purpose should be clear from the design, and it should be straightforward to identify. The intention of your website design should be reflected in the choice of colours, fonts, images, and where they’re located.

#2 – Choose a Clean and Bold Typeface

If your website has a clean and bold typeface, it will make your website’s design more appealing to its visitors. Keep in mind that there’s a massive difference between a friendly and easy-to-read typeface and a bold and in-your-face typeface. The latter is more suited for websites that want to attract attention, and the former is excellent for websites that want to deliver information or sell a product or service.

5 Valuable Tips to Improve Your Website's User Experience

#3 – Keep the Layout Simple

It’s never a good idea to overdo the design. The overall minimalist design of your website should be the first thing everyone notices, particularly your target audience. The design should be clean and devoid of unnecessary elements.

Minimalist websites are becoming popular, and the reason for that is that they’re so easy to use and understand. Some people even say they’re more appealing, but it’s not because of the design itself but because it’s easier to digest.

Conversely, picking a suitable colour scheme is also a must because it can either bring the design together or destroy it. Some colour schemes have been proven to have a significant impact on the thoughts and actions of people, so it’s best to consider that.

#4 – Utilise Whitespace Wisely

Whitespace is a term that refers to the empty space on a web page. It’s ideal for websites because it gives the design a more appealing look. Also, it’s beneficial for the website because it makes the text easier to read and the overall interface more intuitive.

Whitespace can be utilised for many purposes, such as separating the content or making a design more visually appealing. When used wisely, whitespace can make a huge difference.

#5 – Optimise for Mobile

Compatibility is vital for any website, especially nowadays, because a mobile-friendly website helps with search engine rankings. Mobile-friendly websites are perfect for people who want to access the internet using a mobile phone or tablet.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it will be difficult to access because it was designed to be viewed on a large screen. In turn, you might lose out on prospects since they want to view your website as per their preference, which is to view it on mobile.

Web design is too important to be ignored because it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. It can help you attract new customers, welcome back old customers, and help build trust. All that matters is having a comprehensive website because you’ll lose to the competition without it.

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