The Undeniable Importance of Building Your Email List

No matter how advanced online advertising gets, there are just online marketing techniques that don’t go out of style. Instead of getting obsolete, they only adapt and innovate accordingly with the times. One of those digital marketing techniques is email marketing. 

Email marketing is a major source of traffic to websites and the primary means by which businesses communicate with customers. It’s critical to keep your e-mail lists structured if you want to run a successful email marketing campaign. 

Below are tips on how to use your email list to improve your email marketing campaign and, ultimately, grow your business:

Divide Email Lists Based on Personalised Preferences

You may have asked email subscribers to answer a few questions when they signed up for your email lists. Through this, you can segment their emails based on the customised information they provided. 

These segmented email lists is user demographics indicating location, age, and gender—amongst others. It can also be user choices for email updates (e.g., discounts, newsletters, and events) or a group based on their history of purchases.

To establish an effective and successful email list, stay on top of your email list data, and tailor your emails to your analytics.

Reach Out to Old Contacts Again 

Send your inactive subscribers a re-engagement email if you detect a large number of them in your email list statistics. It’s possible that they merely wanted a break from your communications and aren’t completely willing to unsubscribe.

Contrary to popular belief, nurturing inactive subscribers won’t cost you as much in terms of capital and resources. In fact, research suggests that re-engaging former contacts is around half as expensive as converting new visitors into email list members.

The Undeniable Importance of Building Your Email List

Develop More Appealing Landing Pages

HubSpot did research and discovered that increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 can result in a 55 per cent increase in leads. This means that individualised and tailored landing pages of your email newsletter help you to appeal to a broader demographic. 

Every visitor to your site has a particular need from your service; therefore, the more landing pages you can design to address each visitor’s specific problems, the more sign-ups you’ll get.

Promote Your Email Newsletter Using Social Media

You may not have a large number of email subscribers, but that does not rule out the existence of your strong network. Why not use those solid and loyal connections on Twitter or Facebook to establish an email list? You can even include businesses that you’ve contacted by email to your list.

Try promoting an email newsletter on your company’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages. Individuals who support you on those sites already like you, so inviting them will be easier. However, they may or may not be the same people who receive your newsletter, so give them an option whether they want to sign up or not.


If you’re not comfortable pitching your email newsletter on social media or if none of your accounts have a huge following, you can include a link in your e-mail signature that goes directly to your e-mail newsletter, a blog post, or a relevant landing page.

You connect with a wide range of people via email on a regular basis, and if they find value in your personal communications, they may want the choice to click a link and learn more about your company.

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