Is your Digital Marketing Doing Well?

Digital marketing is the key method for promoting your business. Your business will succeed 24-7, 365 days a year. Your brand will become the ‘go-to’ company in your sector. This article will reveal what digital marketing involves and will give you a guide as to whether it is succeeding, or not. Digital marketing takes time and needs a budget, yet this is only part of the process.

At the end of this article, you will be able to outline your digital marketing strategy and see the potential it can have for your business.


How’s your digital marketing doing?

We can improve your digital presence and the success rate of your digital marketing strategy.

Our unique approach to digital marketing ensures we are the go-to agency for digital success.

This blog will show you how we can catapult your business into another dimension in terms of orders, turnover and customer conversions.


What This Blog Will Show You

This article will reveal your digital marketing gaps. 

And there will be some!

The blog will:

1)    Give you the key elements of digital marketing 

2)    Show you a way to get started or improve your digital marketing

3)    Give you the Digital Marketing template you’ve always wanted but never had … until now. 


Digital Marketing Done And Dusted

So, let’s break this down into management chunks.

Digital marketing includes great organic results, top-notch SEO, Pay Per Click (usually Google Adwords), superb Facebook Advertising, email marketing campaigns and content marketing including infographics, all of which dovetail together to protect, enhance and extol the virtues of your products and services.

To orchestrate all these in a harmonious way is tricky.

Here at Digital Zest, our system covers all aspects.

We are the composers, the conductor and the musicians that help engage the audience on all levels.



Digital Marketing Only Refers To My Website

Your website and/or your e-commerce platform does form the pinnacle of your digital presence. Without a great web presence, your business would indeed struggle. To think you can leave it solely to your web presence is a myth. It’s not only a myth but also a detrimental thought process that will be costing you, customers. Your website should be the best it can be and here at Digital Zest we specialise in making your web presence exemplary and better than that of your competitors.  Your digital marketing strategy wraps itself around your web presence and builds your reputation and increases your conversion rate.


Digital Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

While this has been said many times, it simply isn’t correct. Those who say this have not got to grips with digital marketing. Done correctly, digital marketing implements superb Search Engine Optimisation, excellent organic reach, Pay Per Click when it can be most effective and Facebook Advertising which is not only powerful but also works. 

This together with great content marketing, such as white papers or e-books, and email marketing and your digital marketing strategy is in place. Yes, this will need a budget allocated to it. Yes, it will need to be put together.  And yes, done well it will get you a good to great Return On Investment by three months if not sooner.


Digital Marketing Is Overwhelming

To successfully implement, orchestrate and disseminate your digital marketing strategy is a task.

Digital Zest are experts in Digital Marketing as our case studies testify.

So, if you really want to go for it, we advise that you start by writing a white paper or e-book as follows:

1)    Choose a subject that you can write about, offering educational insights without giving your secrets away

2)    Write at least 2,000 words of unique, relevant, well-put-together content

3)    Ensure you add illustrations, and graphics and then add them to your website as downloadable content in exchange for an email address (ensuring all GDPR rules are followed).

Point one: for example, if you run a dog grooming training programme, you could write about how to set up a dog grooming business after training is completed.

Point two: you might want to write this yourself but do your research as to how it should be put together. Allow plenty of time for this.

Point three: your graphic designer can help with this and any images can be used on your other digital platforms to help promote it.



Failing To Implement A Digital Marketing Strategy Plays Into Your Competitors’ Hands

Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it will get ever more effective. Those who fail to implement it simply won’t survive. Your competitors will win. With Digital Zest’s help, this won’t happen. Once in place, your digital marketing strategy will do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of getting you noticed, getting your new leads and ultimately getting those conversions.



I Already Have A Digital Marketing Strategy In Place

This is great news!  And you are to be congratulated as it takes time, money and effort. Yet there is a saying: everything can be improved upon. If you’ve overlooked a key element, then your digital marketing will not be delivered as it should. A key area where improvements can be seen and can have long-term benefits is with Search Engine Optimisation. SEO forms one of the pillars of your digital marketing strategy and with specialist knowledge, results can be seen within a month and last for up to six months if implemented correctly. 



Something For You To Take Away

This article is packed with useful information. So much so that we understand that you need to go away and digest it. We are also going to give you a FREE Digital Marketing Template, please feel free to reach out for yours today.


And Now For The Good News

The good news is that we are here for you!

We would love to be part of your success story.

Our time is your time with an informal chat about how Digital Zest can help you. 

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