3 Ways To Make Your Website Superb & Successful

After the most challenging year, we’ve all been hungry for success in 2021! Successful web design for your business is so important, especially as key elements have altered and will always continue to do so.

So, we’re going to give you an insight into these important changes as well as three ways to kick start your web design journey! We’re here to help you embrace the new web design changes and ask us for help to implement them.

So… What’s changed?

Web design trends can and do change quickly, and elements become outdated. It can be tricky to keep track of. A good web design agency will have this all in hand but how do you know if they’re on the ball?

Keeping up to date with these ever-evolving changes is the key to keep your business digitally agile and successful.

Will I my business be successful with my current website?

Unless your website is brand new and designed by a professional team, this statement does not always ring true.

It could be your business doesn’t even HAVE a website … yet!

If you have a website that is over 12 months old, then you need to consider elements of its design:

  •  the colour palette
  • does it have 3D elements
  • is the layout okay
  • how does a visitor to your website ask you a question
  • does it load fast enough 
  • … and lots more besides.

Web design needs to stay on trend and in front of the spotlight!

In this fast-moving world, web design that can helps your business to be successful needs to be constantly monitored. It could be that you can add elements such as a chatbot?

Maybe even reposition certain key elements such as how customers can contact you.

Also adding those all-important CTAs.

Here are 3 quick checks you can do yourself!

3 Ways to make your website

Here at Digital Zest, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of changes in the world of web design, so here’s a few of our insider secrets:

1)    Colour palettes with a difference: bold colours and different colour combinations will make your website stand out from the crowd.

2)    Add some 3D elements if possible: this in turn means that your website must be optimised for fast loading as 3D elements can be hefty.

3)    Have you considered an asymmetrical design? We’re used to seeing so-called grid layouts; ask your web designer about asymmetrical design that still looks well-laid-out and sensible.

Sound like that could be too much hard work?

Humans tend not to like change. Most of us like safety and a sense of the familiar. However, here at Digital Zest, we know this doesn’t suit great web design. Think back to the designs of websites even five years ago, compare them to today’s designs by professional agencies … the differences are staggering.

These changes are due to several factors. The use of mobile phones, the shift to online and digital marketing and platforms and technology, in general, getting smarter and faster all the time.

So if you’re on top of your game …

And new web design markers have been ticked off your list, then we’ll share another insider tip!

User Experience Intensification: this includes the use of mixed media to give your website visitors an excellent UX. The element which pops and impress will help your business stand out from its competitors.

Digital Zest can help with this and if you are one of our customers already, you’ll know that we tick these elements at the beginning of your journey with us.

 Our team are experts in their selected fields, and we understand that web design is one of the key elements to the success of your business.

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