Are You Ready for the New Google Algorithm?

Google’s Algorithm Change …How It Could Affect You

There is much fanfare about the forthcoming algorithm change.

Do you know how it will affect your website and SEO?
Here we reveal key elements of the new ranking factor for 2021.

The main thing is that it will help improve your website.


This Blog Will Give You An Insight …

What this blog will do is give you an overview of Google’s expectations with regards to their algorithm change in May.

It all boils down to giving your website visitors the best experience possible when visiting your website.

From load times to interactions, everything has to be slick and smooth from start to finish.

This blog will …

Give you an insight into the new Google Algorithm change in May 2021.

Give you three ways in which to help prepare for it.

Give you a fourth option if you need it.


What Will Happen In May 2021?

Google announced some time ago about their new ranking factor for this year. This will be a page experience and how good it is.

While it’s always been an important element of a great website build and presence, a good page experience will be even more essential going forward.

As we use the web more and more, for shopping to asking questions, for social reasons and for business, it turns out many of us are online for most of the day.

Therefore, our expectations of finding information quickly, accurately and without delay have grown exponentially.


Google’s Algorithms Are a Mystery

There is an element of the unknown with Google’s algorithmic decisions.

However, with this one, scheduled for May 2021, we’ve had plenty of notice and also some tips and tricks to help us.

Google has always been in favour of a superb user experience.

They simply don’t want frustrated users who bounce of websites, are unable to interact with them and can’t find what they want.

You Can Be In Control

Ready for this new ranking factor, there are three key areas that can help keep up with the new ranking factor.

Knowing these three elements will help your website perform well and avoid any problems in the near future.


Page Experience … the Power of Three

Below you will find the key areas to focus upon.

  • Load time … How long does it take for your website to load?
  • Responsiveness … How fast does your website take to react to user input?
  • Stability … do elements of your website move around the screen while loading?

Looking at these three key elements will give a good snapshot of how just how good your website is at the current time and where it will need significant improvement in order to potentially rank better in Google searches.

Ignoring This Advice Is Not The Best Course Of Action

Here at Digital Zest, we are prepared for the new algorithm and our team can help customers when they fall at the first hurdle, or even the first three hurdles.

We have the Core Web Vital insights, elements that apply to all web pages and which will be invaluable for improving user experience.

Our experienced team is prepared for this major new development and they are ready to help where needed.


If You’re Aware of The Above, What About This?

Perhaps you’ve already actioned the above? If so, well done!

However, halt for a moment.

Time and again, even when a page has loaded and looks ready, when the page visitor hits a button, the content shifts and then slow loading takes place.

If this happens with your site, then you can, or your developer can take a look at the images or content in the CSS.

Your web developer will be able to help with this, and good developers will already have this factored in.


Are You Ready for the New Google Algorithm?

Before You Go …

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