How to use video content to sell your products and services

Video content is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and can also be a successful form of selling products and services. It’s only going to get more widespread as technology makes it easier for people to create and share them. This is good news for marketers who are looking at new ways to put their products in front of consumers’ eyes.

A video is only as good as the content it contains

The tone of your voice and how you use words will make or break a successful marketing campaign, so keep this in mind when creating videos for professional purposes! Before filming anything, you could ask yourself the following questions:

What do I want my video to accomplish? What audience am I targeting with this message? Am I making a tutorial/demonstration type commercial or infomercial, or am I recording a podcast-like documentary about something related to my business, or is the video for sales purposes? Answers to these can help you determine what kind of medium would work best.

Do your research and seek out your competitors and how they’ve used video technology. Chances are some of them won’t have taken advantage of video … yet. However, if there is a particular company that is doing well, chances are they are using video as an effective means of grabbing customer interest and converting this interest into sales.

Planning is the key

How can you create the perfect video for your company, organisation or event? It all comes down to planning and preparation. From deciding what kind of message you want to convey, who will be featured in it, what equipment is needed (camera type/format), how long do we want this project to take? The more details that are sorted beforehand means the greater chance that once filming starts up again our viewers’ are wowed by a totally awesome piece of video!

Equipment for making videos

One of the main reasons brands are hesitant to create video content is simply because they think they need lots of fancy equipment. In reality, once you’ve figured out what type of video you want to make, it can be hard for some people with limited funds or knowledge on how advanced cameras work to find ways around this barrier. Today there’s inexpensive and readily available technology that makes creating high-quality videos possible without expensive gear. Many smartphones have excellent video tech, for example. And even if you do get some high-tech video equipment, you will still need to have all the prep ready including script, products, people, angles, storyboard and more.

Titles, Tags, Descriptions, Annotations

One of your first steps when uploading a video to a platform such as should be filling in the title, tags, and description. This is important because it tells search engine crawlers what keywords are relevant for that video so they can index them easily. Be thoughtful about how you word these elements too. In addition, don’t forget to include links and timestamps that will help people find parts of videos later down the line.

YouTube annotations are a great way to link back to your website while watching videos. You can add comments, links, and subscribe buttons with these little boxes of text that pop up during the video playtime. Annotations almost act like clickable CTA’s for viewers who watch your content and encourage action-taking moments within the video itself as opposed to taking your customer away from it and asking them to view another platform elsewhere.

Subscribe Button

It is a little annoying when people ask you to share, comment or subscribe. But it’s actually successful: if someone asks for your retweet on Twitter, they’ll have 12x the success rate of those who don’t (and this also applies on YouTube). The content needs to be good and clear though – without that there won’t be any responses.

What do next …

So if you have always thought the video was a good platform for your products, yet you’ve never quite got round to sorting it, then look no further. Digital Zest can help with this very persuasive and effective media platform.

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