Top 5 Valuable Website Features That Visitors Look For

People desire easy navigation, beautiful design, and relevant content when visiting a website. Businesses must capitalise on the website elements that users value the most to keep audiences’ interest as they spend less time online.

People are becoming pickier with their online time. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the internet’s impact on their life, with the average adult spending about 6 hours each day on digital media.

So, what do people usually look for in a website? Keep reading to discover the top 5 website features visitors look for and where to find the best website designers in Yorkshire. 

5 Best Website Features

When consumers peruse the web, they look for these elements the most… 

Simple Navigation

People appreciate websites that are simple to explore and use!

Almost everyone agrees that the most useful website element is easy navigation.

We aggregated replies for respondents who picked “very” or “somewhat” useful to discover which website features people find useful. We did not count survey respondents’ responses if they evaluated a feature as “somewhat” or “not at all” beneficial.

A user-friendly website allows them to get to their desired content faster and more efficiently.

People like a website with a simple menu structure that makes moving between pages simple. Despite its massive content, Amazon is regarded as simple to use.

Amazon provides choices for consumers to navigate and explore the site on its homepage. People can focus on shopping categories and avoid the enticing offers on the home screen by making menus easy to reach and dimming the rest of the screen.

Businesses should follow Amazon’s lead and place a premium on user functionality and navigation. Failure to do so may acquire the loss of potential consumers.

A Stylish Look

Your target audience will be drawn to your site by trendy web design components. Beautiful and engaging designs boost website content while establishing a positive brand image.

Most individuals believe that a website’s appearance should be attractive and current.

If a company redesigns its website, it is critical to prioritise the user. People like attractive and current designs, but not when the fashionable design makes it difficult for them to use the website and acquire the information they require.

Top 5 Valuable Website Features That Visitors Look For

Website Information

People go to websites to get information. Businesses develop brand authority by accurate information tailored to a specific audience.

If the material on a website is irrelevant, half of the people (50%) will quit it permanently.

Irrelevant material causes more users to abandon a website permanently than items that interrupt content, such as adverts (35%) or unintuitive design (28%).

Product Visuals and Descriptions 

When consumers visit a company’s website, they believe product and service pictures and descriptions are equally beneficial.

Nearly everyone (91%) agrees that descriptions and photos are useful when browsing a website.

This suggests that customers are looking for appealing and informative material when visiting company websites. Businesses should remember that aesthetics are an important website aspect that should not be overlooked.

Website Experience with Mobile Features

Because most consumers browse their phones, businesses must have mobile-friendly websites that don’t overwhelm them.

On mobile, for example, 24 Hour Fitness’ home page includes only one image, a menu bar in the upper right corner for fast navigation, and a huge form so users can quickly obtain the material they want—the location of the nearest facility.

24-Hour Fitness does not need users to fill out several contact forms. Instead, it provides a single contact form where consumers may enter their zip code and find the nearest location.

Because people value both descriptions and pictures of products and services, web developers in Yorkshire must employ intelligent web design to make both aspects pop out on the screen.


Companies seeking a new website design should pay attention to user preferences. Companies must develop websites that offer potential website visitors the most useful aspects because people want to spend less time online.

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