Be One Of The Businesses Who Sees A 760% Increase In Revenue!

Be One Of The Businesses Who Sees A 760% Increase In Revenue!

A somewhat long statement but one that’s got your attention.
Simply put, email marketing works.
It has to be done correctly, accurately and on a regular basis.
Research indicates that 80% of business professionals believe email marketing increases customer retention.
So, with figures like this, you have nothing to lose … other than some of your existing customers and potential new ones.

What Email Marketing Can Do For You

This email marketing blog will dispel some myths, give you permission to believe in email marketing and it will give you something you can take action TODAY! This blog will:

  1. Avoid spam
  2. Give you content ideas
  3. Give you an expert tip to improve your existing email marketing campaign

My Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

A common belief with businesses is that email marketing should be a low priority.
After all, we send scores of emails each day, our inboxes get overloaded and, hey, who reads them anyway?
However, in the back of your mind there is a sneaking suspicion that actually, you’re missing a trick here.
It really boils down to the fact that you’re not sure how to test your email marketing, which in turn would give you the best results if done correctly.

Email Marketing Ends Up in Spam

Studies have shown that using ‘so-called’ spam words such as ‘free’ or ‘best rates’ actually makes little difference to whether your email ends up in the recipient’s junk folder.
There are other factors that might push your emails into spam that can be avoided and here at Digital Zest, we are very adept at this.
A well thought out, segmented email campaign will be successful.
And while we are on the subject of myths, such as best times to send emails, and length of email subject lines … we have all this covered for you.

Learn How To Love Email Marketing Again

Email marketing should form an integral part of your digital marketing.
Considering you have so many digital elements to your marketing strategy – blogs, vlogs, case studies, social media, new product or services launches – your email marketing can help disseminate and promote this important information.
Email marketing can also help sell products (obviously) but the key to the success rate with this is to reach the right audience with split testing techniques and sequencing.
Digital Zest has devised a system that will take care of your email marketing and make it a success within three months.

How Does Email Marketing Improve My Sales?

If you are still needing some reassurance about how email marketing can help you, then here are three ways it can become one of your most successful marketing tools:

  1. Increased web traffic
  2. List building
  3. Nurturing relationships

Point one: A well-designed email campaign will contain just the right sprinkling of calls to action, leading customers to your website.
Point two: Done legally, safely and complying with Data Protection law, you can build your email subscriber list.
Point three: Once you have a list then you can commence with nurturing those relationships with emails your customer looks forward to receiving.

What Happens If I Don’t Have An Email Campaign?

Okay, let’s take it back a few steps.
Is there anyone you know that doesn’t have an email address?
Chances are it’s very, very few.
Therefore, there is HUGE potential with email marketing.
Of course, not EVERYONE is going to be your ideal customer, far from it.
However, studies have shown that email marketing can be more effective than social media marketing. Social media is very important, yet email gives you a chance to personalise that message and get that conversion rate going upwards.
And if you don’t have an email marketing campaign working for you, your competitors will.

I Already Have An Email Marketing Campaign Underway …

If you already have an email campaign underway, yet you are finding your open rates and click-through rates are disappointing, then it could be your emails are not quite optimised for mobile usage.
If we are at our desktop or laptop during working hours, then many of us will have our email accounts open all day, and we flick over several times a day, keeping on top of our inbox.
However, once we’re away from our larger screens, we rely on our smartphones with smaller screens to keep up to date.
Ensuring your email looks irresistible on a mobile phone is an easy way to make it easier for your customers to convert.

Thank You

Inspired? We Are!
Here at Digital Zest, we can really help you with your email marketing and your entire digital presence.
We could even start with your email marketing campaign, which in turn would help you gain traction within your sector and also tell you where else your digital presence could be made to work for you on a scale you can only dream of at the moment, through web design, SEO, digital marketing and more.
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