Discovering the Content That Works For YOU!

The need for a content strategy for your business has never been more important.

But before you stop reading, just think about what we’ve actually said here … a content strategy does not mean doing every type of content!

The key is to find the types of content that work for you … this blog will show you how.

What This Blog Will Do …

This blog will help you drill down to one or two pieces of content creation that will work for you.

It will also dispel a common myth about where to obtain content.

It will also present you with ideas as to how to start your content strategy or improve it.

And our script download is a must …

Content … What WILL Work For Me?

In one sense, only you can work this out … but we can help you solve the puzzle.

So, let’s take an example that works for most people, and that’s blogging.

This can be done by yourself or you can hire a copywriter.

You can even get a guest blogger to put pen to paper.

So, you don’t HAVE to do this yourself. However, you need to be sure that whoever is writing your blog is doing a good job!

Other types of content include podcasting … now, for some businesses, this will work a treat! Being able to record a podcast about your products and services can seem like a tall order and it could be that your products don’t lend themselves to the human ear … so for some companies, podcasting might not be the best way of creating content.

I Can’t Reuse Content

Right … and also wrong.


Reusing content is a broad term. So, using content from another website or online source is not acceptable.

There are instances where certain businesses have simply lifted material for a related website and then used it on their own … this is not recommended.

So again, a good copywriter comes in handy.

Their skillset includes the ability to research, write and adapt to different styles and audiences.

Where you CAN reuse content is you could record a podcast of someone reading a blog. Or you can have a video presentation and also publish the script.

Another way of reusing content in an acceptable way is to update a blog or article, rather than deleting it.

Content is Confusing!

The content itself is not confusing unless it is badly written, of course.

The confusion comes into the fray when the purpose of the content and how it is delivered isn’t clear.

This harks back to deciding what is suitable for your business and what is not. So, if video presentations are going to be your key content method, then ‘work it real good!’ Use HOT scripts, produce them properly and ensure you distribute them widely.

If You Do Three Things …

So, if you’re still confused about what content works for you, consider these three factors which should help you decide:

1)    Blogging … a sure-fire way to get your content up and running. If you do only this, it’s a start and can be shared in so many ways (on your socials, in podcasts and elsewhere)

2)    Carry out some original research: so, if you’re a business that’s carried out research in order to discover your audience or the suitability of your location, for example, then can you turn this original research into an informative, well-positioned article? You don’t need to give away your secrets: simply reveal your discoveries in an interesting, relevant way.

3)    Videos: while featuring you as the business owner is probably the aim, videos of a location with a voice over can make great content! This is helpful if your business is in the hospitality sector and you can present a video of your hotel or campsite, for example. Be sure to have a script prepared, even if it is a simple one, stating your business name, where you are and when you’re open.

I’m Stuck for Ideas 

As a business owner, the chances are you’ve had many, many good ideas, of which only a handful have made the grade.

If you have jotted these ideas down somewhere, or they’re hovering at the back of your mind, then why not share them, particularly if they came to nothing in the end?

This is a great way to create content that is both helpful and also gives an insight into the ethos of your business.

And If You Need An Advance Tip …

If you’re a business that has embraced videoing, then check you’re making the most of this influential form of content.

Could you produce a tutorial video?

What about making a product feature video?

Or asking a client to record a testimonial?

Now You’re Ready to Rock and Roll!

By now you’ll be aware that you can tackle at least one type of content that will fit into your brand, your busy schedule and will also help attract more customers.

However, don’t get complacent as there will be other forms of content that will work for you.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our blog 🙂

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