How To: Increase Your Website’s Reach & Effectiveness

The digital world has become an essential part in running any successful company and there are multiple elements to consider. However, let’s not forget your website is your hardest working member of the team! In this article, you’ll find some important insights into how to improve your reach, drive traffic and see the benefits & effectiveness from all your hard work!

Digital marketing via your website and other online platforms is still at the heart of being found online. Below, we explore a few key tips that will help grow your business.

Let’s get social!

If you’re looking to connect with your target market, social media is a brilliant way to do this. Be open and friendly in your posts – paying attention to feedback and this can lead more sales!

Optimising your social media profile is an important part of building a successful and profitable business. Here are some tips on how to make sure you’re engaging with followers.

  • Create content that grabs attention, linking all your profiles together so people can easily find them from anywhere they may be looking for more information about what you do or services.
  • Make sure the links to share posts are present in every post.
  • Link accounts carefully so viewers have access if searching through any one account.
  • Engage with influencers who might want to promote something related! Social media is a great way to promote deals and offerings, but make sure the influencer you identify matches with your target market.

Offerings like special discounts can be promoted via social networking sites in order to drive new people into our website who may have never heard of us otherwise. When creating landing pages for promotional offers on these websites, it’s important that they are engaging as well. Visitors will then convert into leads rather than just click off after seeing how cool this promotion looks or sounds.

Reach people… digitally!

The invention of the world wide web has created a new landscape for marketing. Gone are the days of telephone directories, TV ads, and billboards – businesses these days need an online presence in order to survive and thrive. A well-designed site drawing from all aspects of design such as typography, layout, colour palette, content and interface will encourage your website to stand out amongst your competitors serving similar products. All these elements play on our innate human instinct: we remember what interests us most vividly because it’s quote rare for something to do this. Building up this interest through careful selection means visitors should be ready for purchase and become a loyal customer.

It’s all about the content!

girl surrounded by digital content ideas with the text: it's all about content

Content is the backbone of marketing strategies. Not all content takes form of blogs or written articles – it can take shape in digital media, sound bites, images, pod casts, video and images. Great content captures your audience’s attention by providing something that they want to engage with you about, while building confidence in your brand at the same time.   Content should always offer value and be useful for people who visit them so that their website becomes visible among other websites because visitors are sharing information about what interests them most

Digital presence doesn’t come easily

The process of improving your online presence is a complex one with a multifaceted approach need and a good attention to detail.  You need to make sure that you are using all the right marketing techniques as well, which can seem difficult for newcomers who don’t know where to start or what they should be considering when it comes down to this aspect.

If you really want an effective and cohesive strategy in place though, then there are few better ways than by getting a website created. However, just because someone designed it does not mean that everything else will fall into line afterward! From making use of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter through blogs with RSS feeds – if done correctly these simple steps could have huge implications on how successful your business is going forward. Take some time out today and go over our checklist before deciding where you need to start, improve or consolidate.

Dive into the world of email marketing

Leverage Email Marketing as social media and your website won’t do everything for you. You need to stay in touch with your audience by offering a newsletter subscription on the website, which will allow customers to sign up and be notified of updates, specials or discounts. This will provide you with an opportunity to communicate directly with them going forwards, so they know exactly what is always happening!

Set up Google My Business

Google My Business is a great way for organisations to get recognised. By registering your company with Google, you can make it easier for customers and potential clients in the area to reach you by ranking higher on local or very local searches or update them when there are changes of opening hours. You will also be able to share images, link up your website and any YouTube videos (if relevant) that may help people recognise what you provide more easily! It’s really easy to sign up for, too.

There are still businesses out there that neglect their Google My Business page which could lead them down an unfortunate path later on as they don’t rank high enough locally due not managing these important details effectively from the start.

And now you ask; what do I do next?

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