Is My Branding Good Enough?

Digital Zest are experts at creating a brand that works and delivers.
We understand how the brand works, the benefits of top-notch branding, and its purpose.
For customers, they need to trust your brand and we can help you achieve this.
We promise by working with you on your business branding, you will sell more. We will also shatter some myths you currently hold onto with your branding.
You might need to re-evaluate and reconsider … or your branding could be spot on.
If it’s the latter, and you don’t need any more orders or customers, then stop reading now.

Dispelling Your Beliefs

This blog will:
1) Tackle your branding
2) Dissolve those myths
3) Give you crucial information so you can strengthen and improve your brand

Being Brutal About Your Brand

As a successful business owner, branding is one of the key elements of your marketing that should be tackled first.
Yet something is ‘off’.
Even though you spent a long time thinking about and implementing your branding, your competitors have a branding advantage over yours.
Or you simply know your branding isn’t strong enough, doesn’t seem to connect to your customers or needs to evolve.

Busting Branding Myth

Most companies, and this could include you, have pre-existing, flawed ideas about branding. These ideas can be many, but one of the main ones is branding simply about how things look: your logo and your colour palette.
This is wrong and is holding you back.
Branding represents what your business stands for and how customers trust your brand.
Branding develops belief, loyalty and enables more customers to recognise and use you.
Your branding is also about experience, knowledge, recognition and compatibility.
For some reason, there are potential customers ‘out there’ that haven’t found you yet.
This could well be a branding issue.
This is because elements of branding aren’t working for you or your customers.

How to Move on With Your Branding

Move from these preconceived ideas, as they are holding you back.
In order to move your branding forward you need to grasp the nettle.
Branding isn’t just about your logo or your colour palette.
Branding is about having solid collateral behind you. It’s about gaining customers while you sleep because your branding works for your 24-7.
In order to make a sale, your customer has 12-touch points before they purchase … If a customer doesn’t instantly recognise your brand, and that’s it you who is talking, you won’t even get to the 12-touch points in the first place.
It is crucial that your branding is instantly recognisable, so your customers have touchpoints with you and not your competitor.
Our solutions take you from pre-launch to flying high and even if you’re established and think your branding is bang on, then this will apply to you.
We have never come across a company that has their branding entirely nailed.
We offer a unique approach and a dovetailed process that leaves nothing behind.

How Does Brand Affect Sales?

If you are seeking additional, even exponential sales, then branding is an important aspect to drive those sales.
Branding affects sales in three main ways:

  1. It forms a focus for your advertising and marketing activities
  2. If branding is clearly defined, then your customers will have the 12-touch points and you will get more sales
  3. To win customers from your competitors, your brand must set you apart and instil confidence and trust.

Point one: refers to all types of advertising: online marketing, print, social marketing, even face-to-face marketing.
Point two: drives it home about your insecurities. If you feel your branding is clearly defined, then that’s fine. Yet there is always room for improvement.
Point three: separates you from the rest of the pack. Without separation you are just one in the crowd.
Instilling trust and confidence is necessary for your customers to become loyal ambassadors, brand advocates and part of your ‘family’.
Loyalty comes in the form of reviews, recommendations, advocates, brand ambassadors, subscribers, email lists, recognition and ultimately, more sales or customers.
While all these elements intertwine with one another, you cannot leave one element behind, otherwise the system just doesn’t work.

The Elephant in the Room

If you’ve got this far, then chances are you’re intrigued and some or all of this content is ‘speaking’ to you.
In all likelihood, you may feel your branding is letting you down. New branding is needed.
Reinventing your branding leads to more recognition and more sales.
And to do this, you need to consider your branding, its positioning, its message and its effectiveness.
By not engaging in or avoiding critical analysis of your brand, your competitors will simply be a step or two ahead of you. Their getting the sales and recognition you deserve.

My Branding Ticks All The Boxes … What Next?

So, if you are an established brand, is there anything we can offer you here at Digital Zest? Chances are you are happy with your logo, your font usage and your imagery.
Yet where are those customers you are seeking?
Why are they using the competition instead of you?
Real branding is to intrinsically understand where your customers are, what decisions they are making, how your products and services set your apart and benefits, how emotive your branding hook is and the messages and communications that take place in every (day) interactions such as phone calls, emails and social media posts.

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