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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is something you know about, implement and then wait for the results to ‘come in’.
Here at Digital Zest, we understood a long time ago that this wasn’t sufficient for effective SEO.
We have helped many businesses reach their potential by not only improving their SEO but ensuring the rest of their digital marketing reached the same standards.

No-One Has Revealed SEO Secrets – Until Now

This blog is designed to resolve the frustrations around SEO.
SEO is often cloaked in secrecy.
And while SEO is more than just one thing, this article will show you:

  1. Why keyword research and usage alone aren’t enough.
  2. Why the user intent will be even more important in 2021.
  3. Give you a real resource that you can complete, keep and use to improve your SEO strategy TODAY.

We Have An SEO Plan In Place – How Can It Be Improved?

You’ve been waiting for this blog for a long time.
It is the blog that will reveal the secrets of SEO and how it integrates with the rest of your marketing strategy and how your marketing strategy could be a waste of time without ‘good’ SEO.

SEO Is Common Sense

We’ve heard this time and again.
Most good ideas make good sense but calling something common sense can be damaging as it usually something that is the complete opposite.
While SEO is a technical term, it is as much about humans searching online as anything.
And you have to be ready for, in fact, anticipate the relevant questions in order for your business to reach the next level of success.
Search engines scour the countless pieces of content on the internet and evaluate how relevant your content is to a query.
The most relevant pieces of content are ranked more highly and more organically.
Sounds simple enough …. Yet all your digital presence has to be ‘inline’ in order for SEO to work to its best capabilities.

SEO Is NOT Just About Keywords

Digital Zest understands that SEO is not just about keywords, although this element of an SEO strategy is very important.
As the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines such as Google, good SEO can yield good to excellent results over time.
Great content is a huge part of ‘snowballing’ traffic over periods of time.
However, everything, from your sitemap to your content, must be aligned and coherent in order for your SEO to work and push your business to sky-high success.
This will also happen while you sleep, go for a run, hit the gym or relax, watching your favourite film.

Teaching You The Secrets Of SEO

As promised, we are going to reveal the secrets of great SEO.
These can be broken down into three elements which will take time and effort as they all need to be implemented in order for SEO to have the best chance of working.
The best way to achieve this is to have a superbly designed site in the first place. Digital Zest takes into account all these important elements and other technical work that developers can implement during the build.

  1. Fast page speed. Slow is a no-no. This means correct image size, naming your images and tagging them too.
  2. Reading experience. This not only refers to great content but to how your site is designed so answers are found straight away. Ensure your whole digital presence and your colleagues are on board with this to consolidate customer retention is improved and new clients are part of your sales funnel.
  3. Keep the user at the forefront of your mind when updating your site. Google changes its algorithms regularly, yet they are impossible to predict. Reduce pop-ups.

So, If I Don’t ‘Do’ Good SEO, What Next?

Simply put, you’re missing out.
And your competitors will gain traction and become a trusted authority, the ‘go to’ brand, appearing further up search engine results pages (SERPs).
And while you can implement some elements of SEO yourself, it is never as good as having the whole ‘kit and caboodle’, orchestrated by a professional team such as Digital Zest.

I Already Have An SEO Professional … How Can I Do Better?

The year 2021 is going to feature some big changes to SEO and how it works. Here at Digital Zest, we have the finger on the pulse of these changes.
Important elements are set to include Brand SERP Optimisation as SERPs become even more competitive. And the goal with this to have a zero-click SERP, where the answer is displayed directly on the top of the search page, meeting the search intent of the user with no further clicks required.
Digital Zest can help you achieve this.

We Hope You’re Ready!

Here at Digital Zest, we understand this is a lot to take in.
We also understand you cannot do all this by yourself.
Your team is also hardworking and probably have got enough on their plates.
Digital Zest can do all this for you, offer a reassuring hand, a supportive team and tell you where we can help.
Give us a call today on 0330 900 1633 or contact us here


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