Master Your Digital Marketing Goals for 2022

Digital marketing goals… Probably one of the scariest phrases when it comes to running your own business, right?!

Knowing where to start when it comes to setting those digital marketing goals, it can be an overwhelming experience, and for many business owners, it becomes too much. Goals are shelved for another day, and many are forgotten. But your marketing aspirations don’t need to go unrealised. You can actually achieve them. There are ways to break them down into far less daunting tasks to set you in the right direction.

We’re going to show you how to do that, taking your digital marketing goals and turning them into SMART goals:

Turning your digital marketing goals in SMART goals.

Explain each component of the SMART goal:

S – Specific – Try to simplify your goal into one sentence. Your goal has to be easily defined. For example: I want to improve my marketing skills.
M – Measurable – How will you measure the progress towards achieving your goal?
A – Achievable – Is the goal realistic? Can you do it? Make sure the goal you’re setting is attainable.
R – Relevant – Is your goal aligned with your skills, business or overall objectives?
T – Time Based – How much time (realistically) will this goal take to achieve?


So now you’re more familiar, let’s show you how to create a SMART goal:
Specific – I want to improve my sales on my website.
Measurable – We had 20 sales in March, I’d like 30 sales per month by May.
Achievable – I believe 50% improvement is definitely an achievable goal in the time frame, I will achieve my goal by retargeting my pre-existing customers with Facebook Ads.
Relevant – It will help my business long term by improving the sales to produce more revenue to explore other marketing pathways.
Time Based – 60 days to achieve our target.


Taking on larger goals – By separating goals into stages, it helps to make them more achievable – Instead of looking at a large goal, which could be intimidating or challenging to be inspired by, you can create smaller micro goals using the SMART technique. Smaller goals are easier to track. Smaller goals are also easier to focus on. Being more focused helps you and your team to be more efficient.

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