Key web design trends 2021 and 2022

We are often asked, what are the key web design trends for 2021 and 2022?

We know the world of technology is changing at a rapid pace, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to keep your website relevant. There are many ways you can upgrade your site with new trends in web design, but they’re not all created equal – that’s why we’ve compiled this list of web design trends that have proven most effective over time!

Engaging UX

Create an engaging user experience by giving them high-quality content tailored just for their needs. This includes improving load times by using images/videos served from static files whenever possible. Make sure websites work on mobile devices and always keep updated on emerging technologies. This includes Integrating multimedia into other marketing channels.

The Best Load Times

Your website needs to load quickly in order to have a positive user experience and rank well. There are two ways you can improve your site’s loading speed: smart loading or ultra-fast load time. When using the first method, only show content that is relevant on the visitor’s first visit so they don’t waste their bandwidth with unnecessary information; this will also save on server resources which will lead to an improved UX because few people abandon slow sites without any indication of where buttons might be located or what type of navigation system it has.

The other option for improving turnover times involves making sure all pages use minimal images and text while still delivering high-quality images at smaller sizes than necessary.

Quick loading times have been essential factors in UX and SEO for years, which are both continuing to be top priorities even today. One of the most important web design standards – among many others – happens to be fast load times because they’ve become such an integral part over recent years. This helps a website to rank well and convert visitors into buyers more effectively with great usability experiences as one consideration too amongst many other aspects within this field’s rankings well as minimising redirects.

 Use of Colour and Alt Tags

One of the most important features which make your website accessible to everyone is strong colour contrasts and using alt tags for images. The text in an image’s alternative content will be displayed instead of or alongside a graphical representation, as well termed “alt-text”. This way people who can’t see your site get more information about any page on their website from you – whether they’re able-bodied users navigating via mouse clicks alone.

Have You Considered VR?

Virtual Reality is set to be the next big trend in business, allowing marketers and developers alike an opportunity for experiential marketing. From 360 degree videos and photography to more interactive tasks, Virtual Reality allows you as a website owner or developer/designer access new ways of engaging your visitors. This can take many forms from showing people how clothes fit them virtually before they buy them online (easing return rates) or letting users build their own car on-site using VR headsets!

Your Customer Will Be All Thumbs

Thumb-friendly mobile navigation is going to be very important as there’s increased usage of smartphones. With the global boom in smartphone use, especially among young people – more and younger users are browsing on their phones. If your website isn’t optimised for these devices you may be losing out money-wise as there will only continue growing larger percentage-wise year over year. The next trend that’s going to come up a lot with this one: thumb-friendly navigation! This means designing things such because nav buttons/links so they can easily tap them too.

Make It Vintage

Making your website vintage-inspired could be a perfect way to make it stand out. If you’re not sure what we mean by ‘vintage’, think about when photos and fonts were black and white, or even just the aesthetic of those preppy clothes with plaid shirts that are not popular now but will probably come back in style sometime soon too. You don’t have to go all out with anything from decades ago, like 1990’s styles for example; rather combine elements such as old pictures mixed in on social media platforms along with some new ones together so people can see how they liked them before!

A Bold Hero Image

A full-height homepage hero image can grab attention and be distraction-free. These images are really powerful because they’re so big, eye-catching that people often don’t know what else to look for on there (or if anything). But this isn’t always ideal as these might distract from other important elements lower down such as navigation links or search bars which need visibility too! So when using them make sure everything has equal importance throughout your website.

3D Content

3D content has also been proving popular this year and for next year’s website trends.

This might sound quite strange, but the idea is that you can create an experience where a customer would feel like they are in your store or using one of what we say our “testimonials” for example and really get to know about it from their perspective on-screen before potentially purchasing anything at all! It’s not always easy as this may be time-consuming as well if need multiple angles/views created, but some companies find them worth investing in because customers love how immersive such content feels.

Get Responsive!

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. A lot of people now prefer browsing the internet on a phone rather than using their desktop computers! This has made it necessary for websites to be optimised so that they can be read easily from these tiny screens. Desktop versions often have larger, bolder fonts which might not translate well onto mobile phones or tablet PCs with smaller displays. If your website is difficult to use because you need to zoom in all the time or manipulate the screen then chances are good that this page will never rank high enough among Google’s search results pages when someone does an online search about what our business offers them as potential clients – either locally nearby nationally across state lines internationally!

What to do next

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