WooCommerce and SEO

Your WooCommerce Questions Answered

WooCommerce is a plugin built for WordPress allowing you to run your eCommerce store. As it is an open-source plugin, it allows you to customise your store and is one of the most widely used plugins as a result.

A regular question about WooCommerce is whether it is SEO friendly or not?

The straight answer is, yes.

However, it does need to be set up and there are a number of steps that can be taken to make it as effective as possible.


WooCommerce and SEO …

Your eCommerce platform could be your main source of income.

Are you using any SEO elements to their highest potential?

True it takes time and effort but it is worth it.

You can guarantee your competitors are onto it.


I Worry That My Online Store is SEO-Friendly Enough … 

If you use WooCommerce then you’re sort of halfway there. It runs with WordPress which as we know is SEO compliant.

As with all SEO elements, though, the hard work can pay off and WooCommerce offers lots of opportunities to make your e-commerce store as optimised as possible.


I’ve Been Told That WooCommerce is SEO ready …

An element of this is true however we cannot emphasise enough the importance of certain tasks that will improve the SEO process.


Product Titles Are a Waste of Time

We often hear this.

And this is a myth!

The key is to write SEO-friendly product titles along with other elements.

Spending time on this important aspect will reap the rewards as these product titles appear in the browser’s title bar and are used by search engines.


How To Write SEO-Friendly Product Titles

1)    Make it catchy, interesting and attractive without being misleading.

2)    A boring example could be:

Women’s Leather Purse.

A better example is:

Red Leather Two Compartment Purse for Women – High-Quality, Durable, Clip Opening.

This is because when people search online, they tend to have detailed search enquiries.

3)    Then if your WooCommerce set up will allow, you can then add a meta description. Ensure you have a compelling reason for customers to click!

Or if you need another example, if you are wanting a new TV, chances are you’ll put in certain definitions such as screen size, HD, smart etc … otherwise you simply find what you want.



Sticking With Simple Descriptions

It will not get you more sales although arguably it saves you time.

However, you want your red purse, blue hat or whatever product you have to outsell any other similar products out there.

Spending time on product titles is time well spent.



Okay, so some of you will already be doing this.

What else can you do?

As many folks now switch to image search to find their ideal product, it has never been more important to add alt text to your product images.

This means that a search engine can search for the text if the browser can’t find an image.


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